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Cats and Human Quiz.

Hi Guys! Today I am going to share a simple test about Cats and Human. So what do you know about Cats.

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  • Question of

    Cats and humans belong to which class of animals?

    • Repitiles
    • Mammals
    • Fish
  • Question of

    Cats and humans have skeletons made up of what?

    • Bone
    • Chitin
    • Cellulose
  • Question of

    The skeletons of both cats and humans can be described as which type?

    • Exoskeleton
    • Intraskeleton
    • Endoskeleton
  • Question of

    Both adult female cats and humans produce this nourishment to feed to their growing and developing offspring?

    • Sulphuric Acid
    • Sulphuric Acid
    • Colostrum
  • Question of

    Cats and humans both can see. Both cats and humans use which sensory organ to visualize objects?

    • Nasal cavum nasale
    • Oculus
    • Auricle
  • Question of

    Cats and humans can both hear sounds. Both cats and humans have a hearing organ that enables them to do just that. Both cats and humans use which organ to hear vibrating sounds?

    • Nasal cavum nasale
    • Auricle
    • Oculus
  • Question of

    Cats and humans have the ability to detect odors in the air and also to determine the nature and origin of this odor. Both cats and humans use which organ to smell distinct odors?

    • Mammary papillas
    • Auricle
    • Nasal cavum nasale
  • Question of

    Which bone forms the tail end in both humans and cats?

    • Pollex
    • Clavicle
    • Coccyx


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  1. Got 7 out of 8. I missed out on the skeleton and I curse myself as I am an ex registered nurse. Mind you I left nursing in 1996 but it is still a bad excuse for the mistake I made. Great quiz….