3 Stylish Ways To Impress A Girl | What To Wear To Get Noticed

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3 stylish ways to impress a girl

Number One       Flawless fitting clothing so here’s the deal there a lot of dudes out of there bodies better physiques more money better looking but if you wear clothing that fits you better than there way and on them you automatically jump them in the game of relationship impressing leapfrog and you jump up the suit when i put it on because it fit me so well it automatically boosts my confidence in the Chino  incredible company there are also offering you that ridiculous deal on custom suit.

The Second Style tip that will impress the pants off of her is a guy who knows how to match patterns all the other dudes are playing it safe and you are pop and gentlemen with my suit nice wide pinstripe I went with a nice fat check and a solid tie there is a subtle very small stripe in it but it’s all about the patterns it’s all about the texture of the fabrics if you learn how to do it oh my goodness I was so impressed into Chino that I actually went on and built some custom dress shirts from the measurements I use to make i actually made five shirts out from the exact measurements that i use for the suit I actually built my shirt it’s tailored I got to pick all the fancy details like the type of collar the type of cuff I put the little bit of something a little angle to make a little bit more stylized.

Third thing to impress a girl    Is paying attention to the details things like the peak lapel the pocket square wearing a Watch wearing cool Shoes wearing neat sucks gentlemen it’s all of these details when put together make an incredible impression when your competition is playing its super safe you are taking little stylized calculated risks stepping up your game it’s definitely women notice these things guys are kind of oblivious other dudes will look at your and be like whatever women are going to look at you and be like Dam son I want to lick your face all of came from that compliment from that lady and that desk you look perfect it felt incredible and when you get that compliment you are like YO seriour even though I’m married it still feels good I’m not dead gone if a dog humps my leg I’m like that’s all three thing that you are going to do that they are not you’re gonna to be fresh to death if you wear fitted clothes you understand pattern and you pay attention to the details and when all else fails gentlemen given them spin jump it works every time.


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