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How To Be More Handsome

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I am going over some tips to help you be even more handsome than you already are. It’s that even possible. Please note these tips are in absolutely no specific order but we are kicking it off with.

Tip number one – take care of your eyes! Use a eye cream twice day morning and night to ensure that the skin around your eyes stays elastic lush and looking good. You also want to make sure that you get enough of.

Number two – sleep! Getting enough sleep is critical to you looking good, fresh, youthful and young for year to come. When we’re sleeping our body is repairing itself and  this is also the time when collagen production is pumped up what flow to your skin is increased is circulation is elevated the puffiness around eyes yeah. This is the time when it actually goes away the result you get enough sleep. You my friend are going to have a glowing complexion.

Tip number three – white smile! I don’t care if you use natural teeth whitening solution like coconut oil pooling it’s actually a thing. Search it you’ll find it and be amazed or you go with a faster effective less natural approach like a teeth whitening gel tray.

Tip number four – wear sunglasses when you go outside! Not only are you going to look super smooth it’s also the best thing you can do to prevent final lines and wrinkle from developing around your eyes if you wear glasses.


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