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You Cannot Keep These As Pets: Quiz

Henry is desperate to have a pet, but unfortunately his choices are somewhat less than suitable.

See what you think. Have fun!

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    Henry wants a snake as a pet, but not just any old snake. Oh no, he wants the one he saw on a natural history programme swallowing a goat. Which of the following does Henry want?

    • King Snake
    • Burmese Python
    • Corn Snake
    • Cobra
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    Having been refused a snake Henry decides he wants a cat as a pet, much to his mother’s relief. That is until she realises he wants a big cat, in fact a very big cat. He wants the fastest land animal on Earth. What is he after this time?

    • Lion
    • Snow Leopard
    • Tiger
    • Cheetah
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    Disappointed again Henry looks around for another choice of pet. Got it, he thinks, cute, cuddly, Mum will love it. Mum however looks at the cute baby animal and instantly thinks “King Kong”. What unsuitable pet has Henry selected this time?

    • Lemur
    • Gorilla
    • Coati
    • Tapir
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    A dog, thinks Henry, I’ll have a dog. However, he settles on a dog that is a wolf hybrid, that is it is 50% wolf, 50% other breed. Why is this not a suitable pet for a child?

    • It can be unpredictable
    • It will need to live outside
    • It will be completely untrainable
    • It will be very smelly
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    Guinea pig, thinks Henry, Mum must like guinea pigs. He does some research and comes up with the idea of the largest rodent in the world. What has he settled on this time?

    • Ferret
    • Platypus
    • Skunk
    • Capybara
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    Watching television, Henry sees a film on an animal he would just love as a pet. Trouble is it will grow to weigh over 1,500 pounds, stand over six feet tall on its hind legs and could kill you with one swipe of a paw. In the past they have been trained to dance, but they are not a suitable family pet. Which creature is Henry not having this time?

    • Orangutang
    • Bear
    • Aardvark
    • Komodo Dragon
  • Question of

    Look Mum”, says Henry, “we can keep this in the bath”. Mum looks at the long snout, prehistoric looking body and lots of very sharp teeth and says an immediate no. What has she banned this time?

    • Crocodile
    • Sting Ray
    • Turtle
    • Sea Snake
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    A visit to the zoo is supposed to make Henry realise that exotic animals are not good pets. He however now thinks he wants the thing with prickly spines. Mum thinks he means the hedgehogs they saw in the wildlife section, but no, Henry means something much larger. What’s taken his fancy this time?

    • Armadillo
    • Wart Hog
    • Porcupine
    • Puffer Fish
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    Watching television again Henry thinks he has settled on the perfect cuddly pet, he wants that creature they use on the insurance adverts, you know, the one that says “Simples”. Trouble is this cute looking creature lives in desert areas in family groups in deep burrows. What is Mum about to say no to this time?

    • Weasel
    • Meerkat
    • Civet
    • Raccoon
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    Henry has one last try at getting Mum to let him have a pet. A lizard, he thinks, she can’t object to a lizard. Unfortunately though Henry has managed to pick a venomous one. Which of these is the unsuitable one?

    • Gecko
    • Chameleon
    • Tegu
    • Mexican bearded lizard


What do you think?

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Written by Carol DM

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