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Can you name a Plant from its Leaves?

All the pictures here are of plants in my garden. Whether you are a gardener or not, see how many of these plants you can recognise from their leaves. Difficulty level: a little bit tricky. Spread the fun by sharing your score below πŸ™‚

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Cover image: Creative Commons. Warning: Long quiz (22 questions)

  • This is the leaf of which plant?

    • Liriodendron (Tulip tree)
    • Rhododendron
    • Rose
  • And this one?

    • Rose
    • Rhododendron
    • Pelargonium
  • Sassafras

    • Oak
    • Sarsaparilla
    • Sassafras
  • Sedum

    • Sedum (Stonecrop)
    • Phytolacca americana (Pokeweed)
    • Ulex (Gorse)
  • Fatsia

    • Tetrapanax Rex (ricepaper plant)
    • Fatsia (Glossy-leaf paper plant)
    • Pawlonia (Princess tree)
  • Tree peony

    • Birch (Betula)
    • Hawthorn (Crataegus)
    • Tree peony (Paeonia)
  • Beech

    • Beech (Fagus)
    • Birch (Betula)
    • Tropaeolum (Nasturtium)
  • pawlonia

    • Pawlonia (princess tree)
    • Tetrapanax Rex (ricepaper plant)
    • Pyrus (Pear)
  • Gunnera

    • Rheum (Rhubarb)
    • Rubus fruticosus (Blackberry)
    • Gunnera (Poor man’s umbrella)
  • Sarracenia

    • Sarracenia (Trumpet pitchers)
    • Nepenthes (Tropical pitcher plant)
    • Drosera (Sundew)
  • Ensete

    • Ensete (Ethiopian banana)
    • Ginger (Zingiber)
    • Rue (Ruta graveolens)
  • Sago palm

    • Ipomoea (Sweet potato)
    • Theobroma cacao (Cocoa tree)
    • Cycas revoluta (Sago palm)
  • melianthus

    • Melianthus (Honey flower)
    • Cynara cardunculus (Globe artichoke)
    • Helianthus tuberosus (Jerusalem artichoke)
  • Hosta

    • Camellia sinensis (Tea bush)
    • Hosta (Plantain lily)
    • Aspalathus linearis (Rooibos)
  • trachycarpus

    • Phoenix dactylifera (Date palm)
    • Tamarindus indica (Tamarind)
    • Trachycarpus fortunei (Chusan palm)
  • T rex

    • Tetrapanax papyrifer ‘Rex’ (rice-paper plant)
    • Aralia (Spikenard)
    • Hawthorn (Crataegus)
  • ginko

    • Ribes nigrum (Blackcurrant)
    • Acer palmatum (Japanese Maple)
    • Ginkgo biloba (Maidenhair tree)
  • blackberry

    • Rose
    • Rubus fruticosus (Blackberry)
    • Humulus lupulus (hops)
  • hop

    • Claytosmunda claytoniana (Interrupted fern)
    • Morus (Mulberry)
    • Humulus lupulus (hops)
  • cardoon

    • Cynara cardunculus (Cardoon or globe artichoke)
    • Silybum marianum (Milk thistle)
    • Dipsacus fullonum (Fuller’s teasel)
  • cornus kousa

    • Cornus mewsa (Chinese catwood)
    • Cornus moosa (Chinese cowwood)
    • Cornus baasa (Chinese sheepwood)
    • Cornus woofsa (Chinese houndwood)
    • Cornus roarsa (Chinese lionwood)
    • Cornus kousa (Chinese dogwood)

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  1. I got 11 right, enough to qualify, I guess. πŸ˜…
    Disappointed there was no plane tree leaf, but I would have confused it with maple tree so I should be glad about that. I enjoyed the quiz, I really like the pics! πŸ˜ƒπŸ’š
    Looking forward another one, actually. πŸ˜‰

  2. ARghh. I got 11 correct, but found out the name of a plant I needed to id, it’s sad and I don’t know why. The fatsia… I am terrible at remembering names of plants and flowers. Great quiz, wonderful pictures and your garden leaves.

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