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Ten-second Timelapse of my garden 2009 – 2018

The Difference Nine Years Makes

I came across this old photo from 2009 today and had to share it. The garden was four years in the making at that point. Enormous work had been done but the place still looked so bare. The shot is of my 'rose garden'. Well, a rose garden seemed like a great idea at the time :PThe second photo show the same spot today, nine years later. The rose garden is long gone but I have maintained the same structure, including the wooden arches, which are now well clothed. Spot the blue geranium in the bottom left, which has stood the test of time!Of course there has been immense growth over the last nine years but do not think for a moment that laissez-faire has been the only activity in the last nine years. Ah, memories πŸ™‚

Posted by Douentza Garden on Wednesday, 20 June 2018


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