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Garden Tour of Douentza, 19 June 2018

Can you spare 10 minutes while I take you for a wander around my beautiful garden? Come along with me – you won’t regret it 🙂

More videos at Gardening at Douentza – YouTube channel


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    • Thank you! The best part really is that it is constantly changing. If I go out there tomorrow there’s be something new in bloom that wasn’t there yesterday 🙂 This afternoon we were open to the public and more than 50 visitors came – I was pleasantly surprised 😮

  1. your garden is amazing mon Capitan! I cannot imagine the hours of work, the thousands of stones, the fingers raw from digging. A labor of love!

  2. WOW! Norman I am so jealous. Your wife must be some kind of a gardener and I hope she has help. It was like I was strolling through my local nursery. You have it all! I saw flycatchers I saw when growing up, roses, passion flowers, fuchsia, greenery, and then all of the cute little statues, especially Mr & Ms Mouse, adorable. Then the tables and chairs and benches made it all look so cozy. Then the succulents. Oh my goodness. Beautiful is all I can say.

    • Oh, Carol, it’s lovely to read your encouraging words! I’m the help, as well as Ori and Sam when they are available, but yes it’s mostly down to Rachel!

      • I knew that, she is doing a beautiful job, you all are. I could tell it takes a lot to maintain. And I also loved the grasses, both green and gold, blooming in the wind. A great day and weather for the video.