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About famous historical figures.


Robin Biznis November 8.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

Hi all

After a long time, I can offer you a knowledge quiz.

This time I’m checking our knowledge of famous historical figures. Famous historić persons.

As usual, I provided three answers to the question offered.If you know, give the right answer.If you don’t know, try your luck.

Well, she’s lucky.

  • Do you know what year Winston Churchill was elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

    • 1939
    • 1940
    • 1941
  • Do you know which island Napoleon Bonaparte was born on?

    • Sicily
    • Sardinia
    • Corsica
  • What was the name of the first South African president without being a white man?

    • Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa
    • David Dabede Mabuza
    • Nelson Mandela
  • he Egyptian Queen Cleopatra had all her husband. What was her second husband’s name?

    • Marcus Antonius
    • Julius Caesar
    • Augustus
  • Do you know which political party Margaret Thatcher belonged to when she became Prime Minister of Great Britain?

    • The Labor Party.
    • Liberal Democratic Party
    • No
    • Conservative Party
  • Do you know how many times Henry VIII Tudor, King of England, has married?

    • 5 times
    • 6 times
    • 7 times
  • Do you know who was the first and most popular USA president?

    • Abraham Lincoln
    • John Adams
    • George Washington
  • Do you know the name of Indira Gandhi’s father, who was India’s third Prime Minister?

    • Rajiv Gandhi
    • Jawaharlal Nehru
    • Motilal Nehru

What do you think?

18 points

Written by Robin Biznis



I am Dragan Čanković aged 65 years. I live in Belgrade, Serbia as a pensioner. On this site, my nickname is as well as on Facebook Robin Biznis.

Here I am trying to make some money through my own.

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I experience it as a creative work that actually is.

I wish you all good health and happiness to all of you.

Dragan Cankovic


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