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My husband said that yesterday at home with all the drama and Bro being sick and strange visitors and all the talk about changes on Virily he believes that I was generic and did ride the tide. He believes that I am being too hard on myself. 

So he please just leave it to the community for them to decide if your streak is still going and be at peace with whatever they decide. So I guess that will the way it will be you will decide. 

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  1. You can always spare a few moments to give your suggestions to Virily That is what proactive people do and you are one of them. However, pro active people have to be ready for brick bats

  2. Never be too hard on yourself. I have lots of issues going on trying to figure out how to bring in more money with my writing and when I began to despair I realized that was not going to help or solve anything so now I just push along and always keep an open mind about what I ma doing.