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Virily Collections ???

I like this option personally. This way we can qualify our posts. Anyone who visits an account can easily see their favorite category. I think this option will be very useful not only for people engaged in photography. It will not take so long to find a post on a page. Unfortunately, we do not know when it will begin to function.

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  1. It seems it is visible when you create a Collection but when you click on “read later” or “favorites” you can’t see them in the Collections section in the Profile Menu but somewhere else which is not clear to me how to find that page…

      • I am not sure what exactly you mean… You can create collections even with the already existing posts… Just go on your Posts page, hover over the three dots under each article, click “add to a collection” and the pop-up window will appear asking you to give a Name to a Collection you want to make… Type the name and the collection will be created… When you want to add a post to it you do it the same way – three dots, “add to a collection”, and then choose the collection… Inside a collection you can click Edit to make it Public or Private…..

      • PS …… Creating Collections doesn’t have anything to do with Creating a Post so I’m not sure what you meant when you said “Where do I want to put a picture?”… Pictures go into the article you are creating, but Collections are made in a different way, completely independently of Creating Posts and in the way I described above…

          • Hehehe, you are welcome….. 🙂 Oh, no, please, it would be too much, heheheheh….:)), but thanks for saying and thinking something like that, I am glad you think so…..! 🙂
            I actually think some people are more helpful and know more than me, like, for example I thought this feature still isn’t working until I saw that post today…..! 😀 I will now be able to make a post about it but it needs a lot of details so maybe I’ll write it tomorrow… :/

        • I created two collections of Flowers and Birds. He reports I upload them there. Gives me a padlock and I can not open it Show me that I do not have collections created. I’ll try tomorrow. It’s time for me to sleep.

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