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Two more Crowdfunding success stories!

Another crowdfunding success story or stories is the growing realm of 3d printing. 3doodler is a pen that you can write in plastic. Recently they have also released metal, wood and other materials you can write with! I use the 3doodler to create smaller objects. Although people far more talented than I am can create things, tare is beyond amazing. 3Doodler continues to expand the world of handheld 3d printers. Like a sodering iron, it is really important to remember that the 3Doodler uses heat to melt what is being drawn with. The heat the pen creates is very high. Anything that produces massive head should be used with caution. You will end up burning yourself if you are not careful.

Snapmaker is another success story. Snapmaker has a 3d printer that isn’t just a printer. It is also a CNC carver and a laser engraver.  That means you can print in plastic, carve wood or plastic and laser etch on objects. Many 3d printers cost well more than 1000 dollars. The software is really hard to use, and well all they do is print plastic. The cool capabilities of the Snapmaker printers allow you as the creator to do more. You have the option to print plastic. You have the option to use the laser to carve shapes out of wood. Finally, you can use the engraver to engrave on wood, metal, and other surfaces. I have used all three functions of the Snapmaker and find them to be easy to sue!

Crowdfunding is a great starting point of a good idea. The reality is it takes more than a good idea to move a company to real. So many crowdfunding companies had a great idea but were early to the market (Keecker and Jibo are great examples.) There is more to having a business model than having built a new mousetrap. You also have to have a strong business plan, processes, and ultimately, the market has to be ready for your idea. One of the things that large companies did well in the past was they paid people to think about new things. You didn’t end up putting your dream into a crowdfunding campaign only to have to shutter the company a year later. Post-it notes sat on a shelf at 3m for ten years.

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    • I hope the real world isn’t slipping away. I am afraid it is as well. But it is not technology that is pushing real away.

      The chants of fake news, things didn’t happen coverups. That is pushing reality away. There has to be something we can all trust.
      It is not the internet.

      • Sorry to differ with you. I am a good example of that Before Internet came into existence followed by so many other virtual temptations my lifestyle was totally different. I no longer miss real people in my life I am contented with what the virtual world is giving me and that can be keep glued for 24 hours if I choose to.

        I have always loved people and now I am slowly getting back to it by saying enough is enough

        • But you didn’t differ. You simply pointed out that there is a positive (connection) that the internet provides.

          You didn’t address the main thesis of my statement which is the internet at best is a source of too much disinformation.


          • I agree with you. WhatsApp is another source for fake news and it is circulated to all and sundry.

            That is exactly what I said and with more and inventions the situation will worsen This is a topic that needs more analysis.

        • It is one that makes me very nervous. I’ve watched the decline and fall of interaction online.

          1. The rise of the “you made me angry” culture as people lash out.
          2. The culture of disinformation

          It truly keeps me awake at night as it is getting worse and worse.

          • Companies go for upgrades because they are in business and the gullible fall a prey. We do not need all that. The world’s needs are different.
            This is not a platform where I can talk about what is going on in India. I have stopped reading and watching news. The two guys who are at the helm of affairs are using power and money to throw democracy into the gutters.

        • i can understand not talking politics. I don’t ever share my personal views in depth. I do at times agree with the comments of others, about politics but I tend to keep my views to a small number of people.

  1. I had to look up the definition of crowdfunding; so now I understand the post much better! Would like to see the 3doodler and Snapmaker in action. I probably could find that on YouTube? Good post. Love the dogs.

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