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Traditional pottery 2

After a long pause, I’m finally able to post again (real life caught me pretty tight!) and now I have another piece of traditional pottery that I want to show you. The colours are not so intense for this one, but I love the patterns. It’s bigger than the one I posted before and food looks nice on it. Especially cheese and tomatoes .

Just started our vacation, we’ll fly to Denmark later this evening and I don’t know if I’ll be able to use my phone there. That’s why I decided to submit this post now .

See you all soon!

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Written by Gogata Ionut


    • Maybe next time I’ll go to the place I get them from and take pictures of many pieces of pottery. Showing just one at a time is not enough ?.
      Thank you!

    • I had 25 or 30 plates, but I gave them away as gifts. Kept only a few for myself, but I’ve already talked with one of the pottery masters for new ones.

    • Thank you! I have another picture of two small… cups. I don’t think they qualify as plates, they are very small.
      Denmark is quite beautiful, there is a lot of green here and people seem to be very calm and carefree, it’s like nothing could ever go wrong ?.