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Thursday Reflections – Green reflections

Today my reflections are from Chindia Park. Green reflections of trees that change the water color from blue to green!  I took these photos today in the morning. I went to the daily walk in Chindia Park. This time I went alone. I need more movement and lately Maya has become more lazy. I usually go around the lake for 1 hour. During this time I make about 7,000 steps. With about 3,000 steps from home to the park and back home, I can walk 10000 steps a day! I’m proud of myself!

Every morning, the people you see in the photo are in the same place. You probably wonder what they are doing there. Well, they feed the fish!

Photo taken with Huawei GraL09.

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    Can you see the fish in the green water of the lake?

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    Lately, my photos are taken with the phone. Do you agree that you can get good photos with your phone?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. i see the ripple of a jumping fish in the background!

    Very nice view of the lake. Congrats on 10,000 sets. I try to hit that mark every day as well!

    Although the new research says that woman see the maximum value around 7500 steps a day.