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Thursday Reflections – Lake Chindia

The rainy days took the place of the beautiful days of early November. No wonder. We are at the end of autumn. I get more and more rare in Chindia because Maya hates rain. This is a photo taken last week on our last walk in Chindia park. Chindia Park is located in the immediate vicinity of the Royal Court in Targoviste. In fact, in this place were the royal gardens, built in 1584. I and Maya walked around the lake for about an hour. The surface of the lake looked like a huge natural mirror in which autumn admires its face.

I share this picture with Thursday Reflections Challenge

  • How’s the weather in your area?

    • It’s cloudy
    • It is   raining
    • it’s snowing
    • it’s sunny


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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. You should have taught Maya to wear a raincoat because it is a pity to not always spend time enjoying the beauty of Chindia.

    It rained yesterday afternoon until the evening when I celebrated my mother’s birthday. First rain of the week.