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This is what happens when you comment on my response to your post

First and foremost I do not believe that users are here just to make friends and not interested in earning.    Why I say this is the same thing was said at myLot but when they stopped paying all those who proclaimed were there just for friendship vanished into thin air. 

Having said that and assuming all here are interested in earning besides looking for friends, you should look at what has changed here vis-a-vis the earning prospect.  I will not go into details as I expect you may have noticed it too but would draw your attention to a particular situation where when one responds and comment on posts, where earlier one earned but not anymore.  Everything gets credited to the one who has written the post including their own comments on their own posts   

I already see a decline in responses and comments on posts for obvious reasons.

If you solve a puzzle for example  the one who has put up the puzzle earns and not you?

  • Would you still respond and comment on posts of users here?

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What do you think?

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    • If I do not earn anything here I will lose interest Having said that let me clarify what I earn here is not something I depend on for my survival but it surely is an incentive for me to be here.

      You may not have experienced Sites that stopped paying.

  1. I’ve been here for years… I come and go then come again. I don’t earn much here just be honest. But why do go back here again and again?

    I got some friends here. Some I came to know in RG.

    Sure, I need to earn, especially these days, but like me, some of us here have other reasons to stay than just earn.


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