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The internet of everything and the reality of connections!

Growing up the child of a scientist, I love scientific equipment. Not that I have professional lab grade equipment but stuff you can use at home. I have a video microscope that I got many years ago, as a gift from a friend. I also have an interface for my telescope to take pictures of items outside the atmosphere of earth. Those two devices represent two distinct areas; the Microscope is something I use primarily for my daughter and my coin collection. Coins are rated on their overall quality. You don’t ever clean them. Uncirculated coins that are sealed are worth more than circulated coins. We use the Microscope to view and review coins for their quality. The telescope is more related to my love of NASA and the reality of reaching beyond the atmosphere. It is one of the reasons that I love the products from Astroreality.

The reality of the Internet of Everything is that more and more of these devices are connected. My digital microscope connects to my wifi at home and can share images via WiFi. My telescope is offline, doesn’t connect on its own, but there are Telescopes coming that will sit on your home network and allow you to share images from space, with anyone. You could, connect to one of the WiFi picture frames and share pictures of small and large things in your office!  That, in a very roundabout way, brings me to the topic for today. The reality of connections is critical and why they matter. First of all, let me caution against thinking that 5g E is anything like what 5g is going to be. It is simply marketing for AT&T to do that now.

What 5g brings is low latency. Latency is the time between a client asking for something and the application returning it. This can be as simple as I want to get my email. Your phone or computer sends a request to the server. The server verifies that you are allowed to receive the information in the email box. It then beings to send you the information. With each message, your device sends an acknowledgment to the server. That communication and connection are critical. The same is true for SMS messages. The same is true for Cellular calls. Now the process is different for all three, but the concepts are similar. That, initial and follow transfers are what latency is about. If it takes 2 minutes for my server to respond, then I wait. Reducing the latency of systems is what 5g will bring. The advantage of low latency at distance is that you can push compute resources closer to the user, or closer to the data. Either way you get increased value!

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  1. I understand everything I read but did not understand anything ???. Not your fault but mine, though. Sometimes, in my view, companies only make very little enhancement for any product or service and then market the same at higher price letting us believe it will change our lives in a big way. The genius of anything is in the marketing more often than not. But maybe that is just me. I am quite old fashioned in technology. If my computer or phone is giving me what I need, I do not bother to upgrade.

  2. I don’t know a lot about technical issues but I am really excited that with newer inventions and gadgets, a lot of hard things become easier.
    The scope of what can be used for good is widening
    However, connections are really important, as soon as we lose power here the connections are also cut. Which is why I am glad I have a cell phone

  3. It is the Internet that keeps me connected to the world. I am alone, I work at home on the PC and if it was not for the Internet I would be alone in four walls and that would be sad indeed. It is funny how I learned what it really means to be traumatized and how that changes the way you look at the Internet. The day I found out my husband passed away it took me up to two weeks to be able to get online and let everyone know what had happened in my life because I did not know how to express myself. There seemed to be no words to say. Amazingly so it was the spirit of my late husband that got me online again. I was sitting, as usual, watching movies to keep my mind occupied with my main PC beside me. I had no urge to touch it. Suddenly for some unknown reason, a pen flipped in the air and as I went to grab it I connected with my mouse that set off my PC. It was then that I knew my period of silence was over and it was time to return to the land of the living, of course, my way through the Internet. Now I am glad to say hello to the world every day by getting online.

  4. I thought the attraction of 5g was bandwidth. Latency can also be a backend issue; an overworked server can’t return packets any faster on a wide pipeline… Indeed, I would argue the more narrow the bandwidth, the more productive a server is…

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