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Throughout the past day, how often and for how long have you been touched by someone? How often have you touched someone else? Jane Anderson, a Massage therapist explores the powerful effects that touch can have on our lives.

Jane is a professional, multi disciplined massage therapist for chronic pain relief and medically complex clients. She has founded multiple massage therapy schools and taught learning outcomes on par with the highest national level. Her work has affected the lives of all kinds of clients, including end of life and post surgical patients, athletes, animals, and children.

Jane believes, touch is critical and it needs to fill a much greater part of our lives.  So, how can you use touch to change your life? The act, of touching stimulates pressure receptors lodged in the skin and the tissues. It actually doesn’t matter if your’e the one touching or the one being touched.

 So, are you ready to start? Okay, now find your partner,  and hug. That’s it, so, whenever you can hug your partner for just 20 seconds, your’e not going to believe it, but, it  lowers your blood pressure significantly. Even, a pat on the back or a handshake is processed in the reward center of your brain.

Are you thinking about getting a massage? And what about massaging your

own hands, feet and the rest of your body, while in the shower? Your body  responds warmly to that too. How about yoga back stretches?  Or going for a brisk walk or going dancing that’s not only fun but it is good for you. When you pet your dog or cat , that too, lowers your blood pressure.

Touch is even capable of decreasing violent behavior and depression. Did you know, touching boosts your immunity levels and the mere act of trusting someone, bonds strong team dynamics and can even increase economic gain.

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