In life, if we strive for progress, rather than for perfection, we will be rewarded. Time, I found, more so than at any point, ever before has become the most elusive asset I could ever have dreamt to own. If like me, you are unashamedly infatuated with life,  you may want to optimize your time, do what’s important to you and avoid drudgery as much as possible. 

You don’t have much time, for life is but a breath away. Days fly by like nothing. Especially as you get older. So you really have to focus on what’s most important and avoid the damn nonsense. You’re not going to be here long. Right now, stop everything and ask yourself, If your life clock has 1 HOUR, left, what is truly important? 

I’m not talking about a “bucket list”. Think more in terms of love and higher purpose. You only have one hour of time left, and only one hour of energy left, and only so much capacity to make decisions. So, will you be doing what you are busy with right now? If not, my friend, stop it!  you owe yourself this.


  • Are you doing what you really want to be doing?

    • Yes
    • No


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    • Why dear friend, are you constantly on your toes? Even a ballerina’s pirouette, artfully performed for her audience, comes to an end sometime. Live my friend, you need only appease your own mind which will remain with you as a true friend or as a stranger forever, all else falls away…


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