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Why I Now Embrace, Glorious procrastination!

If it bleeds, it leads; Headlines that skew toward the negative are a really a time-honored tactic for writers and journalists alike. So, now, procrastination which was such a negative superlative in my writing is now an asset.

 You read that right. Don’t for one moment think that I always felt this way? I, until recently fought it; tooth n nail! Now, since reading the hard facts from several bestselling authors, I now embrace it. Procrastination, according to Jerry Jenkins, bestselling author of 190 published books, says that he believes, he is the King of Procrastinators and that almost every writer he follows, is one too.


One writer even said, that he believes, that procrastination, is almost a prerequisite for writers. You would never have guessed it from Jerry’s 190+ books. If you are surprised, Jerry says, don’t be, the secret is for you to simply accept it and, even schedule it. He stopped beating himself up and losing sleep over it when he realized that procrastination was fully predictable and inevitable, and, yes, also that it is a productive state of being for him.


It wasn’t at first. But what he eventually learned, was that while he was putting off his writing, his subconscious mind was working hard on his new book. Procrastination is definitely a part of the writing process and as soon as you do start writing again, you’ll enjoy the many surprises your subconscious reveals to you. 

So, now that you know that procrastination is coming, you can practically book it on your calendar. As it hits you, make good use of it when you’re determining your article quotas. If you have to go back in and increase the number of words you need to produce per article, do that (  Jenkins still does it all the time). 

Here’s a tip —you must take care, never to allow your paragraphs to get to where that number of posts per day exceeds your capability. 

It’s one thing to step up your output from two to three articles per day. But if you let it get out of hand, you violate the sacredness of your own writing schedule. How can you procrastinate and still meet all your deadlines? You will be able to do so when you stick to the writing capacity which you decided on, allows you.


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