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Dad, Let's Count The Pennies Again!

 Many years ago, when I was making 60 cents an hour, my three children had asked me once again for bicycles for Christmas, but I couldn’t afford them. So I decided in January, to put three bikes on layaway. I paid all through the year. One week before Christmas, I was still owing $18.50. I just did not have it, so, on the Sunday before Christmas, my 9-year-old son Vernon, our youngest child, asked how much we needed. 

When I told him, he asked if we could please pour the pennies out of the penny jug we kept on the kitchen shelf. I said, “Son, I really want you to get your bikes and you will have them, in February, I promise, but I can assure you there’s not $18.50 worth of pennies in there, I counted them yesterday, twice.” 

He insisted I count again, slowly. So, I poured them out, and counted them one more time, and was shocked “Son, I said, there’s $19.50 worth of pennies in here!” Ecstatic, I told him to count out $1 for gas so I could go get their bikes. My children are all grown up now and married but I often think of that Christmas miracle, so many years ago, It was as blessed a Christmas as anyone could ever have wished for.

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  1. That is a wonderful memory and it sure was a Christmas miracle. I have also had my moments where I have needed something and I thought I just didn’t have the money and then I recounted and it was with joy that I realized I did have the money

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