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There is absolutely no question of whether the Virily vehicle had silently undergone several model changes over the years since it’s inception 4 years ago. Yes, dear Virilians, our site has survived in an environment that is hostile to startup Article Posting,  sites, so many, I don’t even care to mention them have come and gon. Suffice it to say, it’s a literary minefield. 

I have from memory compiled a random list which purpose, for want of a better reason, is to see how far we have come to the present layout and functionality of this site. The unwritten rule of vague or non-existent disclosure from Admin has practically always been a constant. So, here they are, the things that constituted the functions of Virily, as I recall them from memory. For the sake of posterity kindly add or amend my recall efforts: How you earned Virils and got paid:

 * Earn 10 Virils when you refer a friend to the site. 

* The first time you visit a page on Virily every day, you earned 10 Virils. 

* Earn 3 Virils whenever a member of Virily views your post. 

* Earn 2 Virils for submitting an item. 

* Earn 2 Virils for viewing a quiz.

 * Earn 2 Virils when a member follows you.

*: Earn 1 Viril whenever you viewed someone else’s post. 

* Earn 1 Viril when you commented on a post. 

* Every time you read someone’s post, you got one Viril. The author got three. 

* Whenever you viewed a quiz, you got three Virils, the author got five. 

* You got 2 Virils for submitting an item. 

* If you submitted an item with a picture, you got 20 Virils. 

Here Were The Limitations: 

* You could read up to 50 articles per day. 

* You could only refer 500 friends a day maximum.

 * You could only earn a maximum of 500 Virils per day when people viewed your posts. 

* All drafts older than 30 days old were deleted.

 * The length of our posts were limited to approximately 7,000 words. 

How We Got Paid: 

* It used to take about 1,000 Virils to accumulate $1.00. Maybe this sounds like a lot of work for a small reward but in the article writing for cash business, Virily was the highest paying site. Virily has always been more than a Pay Per View site and has ever been a pay per activity site. You decided how many activities you wanted to do. This, in turn, made Virily a revenue sharing site, rather than a pay-per-view site. 

As advertising revenue fluctuates constantly, for various reasons payouts were never cut and dried. and have always been driven by changing, hedging, market advertising revenue. Distribution was made on a daily basis, so depending on what day it was, you could earn different amounts for the same Virily Balance. 

The minimum length of a story post was approximately 100 words. As such, it didn’t take much of an effort to be active on Virily and to start earning Virils. After only a few hours, I’d already accumulated 100 Virils . This then, is how I remember the time when Virily started up. Was this helpful Can you add or alter my above content?

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  1. I joined Virily at the very beginning and I very liked its layout – simple, not confusing, easy to navigate. And we all saw our earnings each day. That was so great. I cannot say I do not like the current layout of Virily. It looks professional but I lack daily earnings shown on our dashboard.

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