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The impact of comments, time of day and social media…

I have a really good friend who from time to time, does something really interesting. This year he and his wife have decided to follow my wife and me, and get a tandem bicycle. While not purely technology, tandem bikes are fun. In part because the interesting reality of tandem bikes is working together. The Stoker (the person on the back of the bike) and the captain (the person on the front) have to work together. One of the most interesting things about riding a tandem is directions. In the modern age of technology, The Stoker is normally the person reading the map or watching the GPS screen. That is so the Captain can focus on making sure there aren’t any bumps.

We hit a bump, and it spilled both of us off the bike. Painful!

Virily is a tandem bike to a degree. We have authors and readers. As I research the impact of comments on posts and blogs, I am struck by several things. Comments are the actual connection between the author and the reader. The views, upvotes and so on are information, but the comment gives us the acknowledgment that someone read and enjoyed the publication. That connection is what the author is seeking. The reader as well is connected and comments! But, sometimes lots of comments only equate to a one for one (comments on Virily = 1 view).

I am still looking at the wider research into the impact of comments.

The other thing I am looking at overall is the concept of social media impact and time of day.

I have noticed lately that there seems to be an optimal time for posting on Virily. I don’t know what that time is right now, but I am talking to a developer friend of mine that builds web sites for companies. He has a couple of ideas of how to track the impact of both times of the day and overall views great ed by Social Media. I will share that once I get a better grasp. Thanks! Have a great day all!!!

  • Do you check your post upvotes?

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  • Do you check your post emoijs?

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  • Do you like the tandem bike analogy?

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Written by DocAndersen

I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. I write mostly during the day because I’m at work tonight. I notice that everything depends on the time zone. I do not always respond to the comments immediately. Even with a delay, I return the gesture to those who have visited my posts.

  2. You know I never considered the time of day. I am constantly writing online and have my content writing tasks to consider. I get on Virily and other sites I write for whenever I can. My attack is usually going through my notifications, looking at the posts under following, and finally, when I am done I post. How many people interact at certain times I think really depends on how many work outside of the home and if they can get online from work. those who like me have other obligations online as well and finally those who have the time and can spend hours on one site just to build up their banks. You would think the weekends would find practically everyone online and on site but you know how it is there is a life for many offline as well. For me the Internet is my life as well as my lifeline and there are weekends when I finish up the tasks I did not have time to do during the week and some weekend I don’t manage to get to Virily. I am trying to make a schedule where I can do it all but I do need to include some time for myself to get outside and remember there is a world beyond my window.

  3. The time does seem to matter. I have noticed some trends. Based on the time of day for the reader and not me. (around noon there is an uptick – and 6-10 pm seems to be most active) This happened just now: I checked in and it’s morning. I’m having my first coffee. I didn’t want to leave without commenting and realized I don’t comment much in the morning. I need to wake up. While I’m shaking out the cobwebs (and it’s taking time) I get a notice that someone replied to a comment I made last night. They are in Europe and it’s roughly 6 pm for them. Perfect, I was just thinking that. …. I need to go. This comment took longer than usual (mostly staring blankly). My tendency is in the morning I’m just looking, noonish I start talking some, and the evening I’m talking now! — more to say but I’m pulling the BRB card to take care of some stuff. Cheers

  4. Even in life we get what we give , reciprocity is the law we all follow though some may acknowledge it while others think they can bypass it. What you sow you reap. You always engage with those who show respect and acknowledge you as a person, the others you take them as they come and deal with them as you feel how they deserve to be dealt with.

  5. Not sure I could be comfy on a tandem bike. I like doing my own thing too often. But it sounds like you and your wife enjoy it.

    As for the comments, upvotes, etc on here, I always answer all comments. There seems to be a lot of posting from Tuesday through Friday. The weekends are not so much, many are waiting on approval. And the comments vary each day. I am in the central time zone. The late mornings and late evenings seem to be the busy times for the comments on my posts. But like I said it varies. So many different times zones here with all the countries.

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