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The Difference ~ Macro Monday

This is the difference,

When the amateur players plan every detail of the dream of victory and throw the ball while continuing to look at the scoreboard,

professional viewers are absorbed in watching the entire game and applaud every good shot.

While all the collectors are busy pursuing praise and arranging it in a display cabinet while fighting as hard as the ego, warding off criticism or die by wounded to fighting it,

the love drunkards just chew all praise and scolding, as snacks, casually smiling while composing reproach and slander into a masterpiece.

Here the moneylenders are busy calculating profits and losses in past traps and calculations about the future,

there the drunks of love who have read the whole story of their journey, continuing to enjoy each step on every letter and word, on the page they walk on.

  • Do you know your role?

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  1. I am what one might call ‘lady of leisure’ (lol) I pick and choose what makes me happy and stay in the attitude of gratitude all through the day.

    There are challenges no doubt as I am living and not just existing.

    Have a nice day.

  2. I used to have a lot more roles than I have today. Since I was retired, my main role is taking care of my partner and me. To enjoy as much as possible. It’s time for me to do something for myself, too.

  3. I agree with Carol, she is right…However, my life is extremely busy and just have to do what I have to.
    My role is a doer, not a spectator.
    I get annoyed at seeing sport on TV as if watching it was everything I would much rather be a player.

    Then again I don’t play games with life either..I am not into that complicated role.

  4. It seems everyone has a role, sometimes many roles they are playing out in life. I used to try the catch-up role but finally realized I need to slow down in life. I now try to enjoy what comes and goes around me. I work on not getting stressed out and I never try keeping up with others. I move at my own pace and I think it is working.

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