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Technical Hodge Podge and the unvieling!

. Today I wanted to start off mentioning Alex’s artwork. Mr. Ledante is an incredible treasure here on Virily! I truly love his artwork! He nicely printed one of the coolest pictures he was working on (I call it my Dr. Strangelove picture). I wanted to share the picture sitting in my Ledante Gallery. I have room for more of his art, just NO TREES!

Hodge Podge:

1. I do wish to retract something I said yesterday. I do get so many great private messages; the points made by several other users makes me realize I overreacted. I am just going to save the nasty ones I have right now, and if I get more, I am going to share them. I truly do believe that it is ok to send a private message. It is not ok to attack another author in Private Messages or Comments.

2. The other side of today’s post is focused on something Diana wrote. She asked the question Cel camera versus stand-alone camera. I was interested in her point of view, and I agree with what she posted, in particular, that there is so much more you can do with a camera. I’ve written about this topic many times over the past five years (Niume and Virily), but I did want to call out Diana’s great article!

3. Ghostwriter asked another interesting question (she asks a lot of them!!) Would we use a word. #usethiswordflummox we got to pick the word. I picked the word Flummox. Baffle, bewilder, and mystery is the common tongue definition. It has, in the past, also been used to describe people that are clumsy (me!). The smokescreen was to Flummox, the enemy! My example of how the word is sometimes used in common conversations.

4. I removed a bunch of cables yesterday. Ghostwriter has informed me (fairly) that I am going to need the cables later if I get rid of them. I went through and made sure I had two to three of each type of cable and put a USB cable with each of the devices in my office, so there is no way I will ever run out of cables. I still had more than 100 cables that are on the way to high school. Someone else will be able to power, connect and replace their USB cables. I found more than 30 of them that hadn’t ever even been used.  I also discovered I had more than 200 ethernet cables stuck in an old tub. I forgot I had them there. Those I am talking to the high school. They have more computers and more need for lots of ethernet cables!

Sometimes you have to get all the stuff in your head out and somewhere else! Thanks for reading, now that it is out of my head I can move on today!

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