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Shallot ~ Color Crazy Challenge 2019

I saw this shallot when I opened the fridge this afternoon, and it reminded me of the Color Crazy Challenge. In my country, this type of onion is called “red onion”, if we notice the color is not red but purple.

For most people in my country, shallot is more widely used as a basic ingredient than onions. The use of shallot as a spice is more or less comparable to the use of garlic which we commonly call “white onion”, and in many recipes, both are often used simultaneously.

In a world of duality, there is folklore in my country that tells of two beautiful girls named Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih where both have very different and contradictory traits and temperaments. Garlic is a simple girl who is humble, diligent, diligent, honest and kind. While Bawang Merah is a girl who is lazy, arrogant, likes to be luxurious, greedy and snobby.

What is interesting about these two types of onions is that if garlic is one whole, the shallots consist of layers which, if peeled one by one, will run out, zero. About that – which I have talked about here a number of times with some friends like Carol and Doc – is a good symbol in our efforts as human beings to know themselves, our higher selves, where if we peel ourselves, layer by layer, what remains is emptiness, emptiness which one of its meaning is fulfilling everything.

  • Question of

    Which do you use more often in cooking?

    • Yes
    • Onion
    • Shallot
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    Have you ever known the process of peeling ourselves, layer by layer, like peeling onions?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. I don’t know much about cooking, I only know shallot tastes like a mix of onion and garlic, but it is less strong. We can’t call it “red onion” here as we have proper onions that are red. I guess it’s like red wine, not truly red, but everyone calls it that way.

    I imagine peeling ourselves as a process of getting to our roots, discovering more about our origins from parents to distant ancestors, but eventually we get to a point back in time where our planet wasn’t even there. ?

  2. I love all kinds of onions. White, yellow, green and red! Depending on what I am preparing what kind I use. We even have wild onions everywhere here.
    Now about layers, I have peeled mine back, not sure I am happier though. Just more aware of what makes me tick.

  3. I know that I struggle at times getting past the now, to where I am desiring to be. You have helped me so many times move past that to find a feeling of peace.

    The layers are hard to move sometimes.But the joy of discovery and moving to the next layer is wonderful!

  4. I prefers onions and we use them quite often! Onion gives “sweetness” to food, especially on soup.

    For now, I can only see the peeling process till we see our true-self (without all that mask) … which makes me think, the onion have its most ugly/dirty look outside but the human have their “best” look outside …


    • I think meditation or relaxation are basically the same, unless what you mean by relaxation is just relaxing to release physical and mental tension.

      The practice of meditation or relaxation is basically the process of entering a state of no mind or universal consciousness, and that is emptiness or our absence from what we recognize as ourselves so far, for a while. And that requires diligent and continuous practice in order to get progress.

    • This is the consequence of discussing something that is beyond the reach of any language. I can’t say perfectly or give the most appropriate term to say that. Again, emptiness means no mind, and I’m never saying “nothing left”, right? Javanese, or Buddhist teachings have similar terms even though they also have different meanings, using the term Sunyata, which is not exactly the same as emptiness or nothingness, the state in which our consciousness is higher self-consciousness as I mentioned before, and you mentioned too. Circumstances which are similar to a drop of water that is merging with the ocean.

  5. Absolutely I have talked about myself as having many layers like an onion. I continue peeling the layers back all the time, as you know. It can be painful but it does get easier as time goes by.

    I enjoy both onions and shallots. We used to grow both in our gardens growing up. Nice photo.

    • The more often we practice the peeling process, the more we realize the many layers that we have to peel, even often we have to do it repeatedly, remembering that there are layers that are very difficult to remove, but I’m sure that all those will provide tremendous benefits.

      In my house, like there is a kind of kitchen rule, “We may occasionally run out of onions but must never run out of shallots, garlic and chili”.

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