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Color Crazy Challenge 2019 ~ Indigo

Indigo, the second from the last color of the rainbow. Are you ready for Purple? Let’s color Virily INDIGO this week. What do you say? Sound like fun? 

All you have to do is post the color and mention Color Crazy. 

Have a great week and have fun! 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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    • You are indeed correct there Lado. What I had planned on doing is post darker shades of purple this week for Indigo, and for next week which is Violet post lighter purples. We just get two weeks of purple really. You photos have all been stunning.

  1. Indigo, one of the rainbow colors. Very pretty. Now I really have trouble differentiating indigo from purple, lavender and violet. So anything with deep color, I call indigo or violet. And anything with lighter tone, I call purple or lavender. ??? I have same trouble with blue and pink and red and what-not. I guess I will prefer black and white from now on ?

    • Ah me as well. One of my friends had a bathroom in this color, the tub was almost black but with a slight hint of Indigo, the tile as well. It was gorgeous!
      As far as the color this week is dark purple, next is light! We get two weeks of purple. πŸ˜‰

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