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Romantic Cat ~ Wacky Wednesday

Blue, whether it’s spoiled or romantic, or both, he almost always sleeps on people’s faces before moving on his own initiative or being moved. It can happen for hours. Usually, it was on my face or the face of my youngest daughter who was taking care of it.

Black, who also likes to sleep as he pleases, often does not choose a place but has never been on someone’s face, especially on his own desires. I took this picture last night when I wanted to tell her that the program she was waiting for on TV was about to begin. I wonder, could he have been exposed to my nature?

  • Could a cat have a romantic nature?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Absolutely adorable picture of Blue. I never had the chance to have a cat sleep on my face or my head. But I did babysit a cat who slept on my neck which was hard because sometimes it felt like it was choking me. But Runt (my cat) was and still is a romantic kitty. He used to hang himself on my Tasha’s (dog) neck and now he loves to sleep on outstretched legs. I think Blue likes the warmth of a human face and the fact that he feels the breathing so close reassures him that you will never let him go or be alone. Say hi to Blue, Black and Susie for me and each one a pat and a stroke on my behalf.

  2. Cats are interesting, they choose to live in houses, but they really don’t live with humans. Cats in a house reduce the number of birds (cats kill more than 5oo million birds a year).

    The other side of this is a recent scientific study that point out cats are not horribly smart.

    I guess all of that was to answer, no cats are not romantic.

  3. That is so cool. I have never had a cat that would get in my face. I have tried and they pull away. Maybe this behavior is due to a close relationship with its siblings, or Blue is just so happy to be in your loving home.

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