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Risks and Consequences ~ Wednesday Shadow

I am sure we all understand that every choice, decision, and action we take has its own risks and consequences. Risks and consequences are our shadows which can then affect the weather around us. A shadow that can turn into a storm or vice versa can weather the storm.

Realizing that, I always consider every decision I will make based on the principles that make up my life’s compass, and of course with all its various possible risks and consequences. It may be that a decision ends as expected but many decisions and actions that turn out to be bitter fruit or even drag us into a storm even though we consider that decision as good and right before.

Referring to the inheritance of ancient Javanese, the advice of my ancestors which, if translated more or less says that in our lives we must “always remember, always be aware, awake, be alert and ready”, then whatever happens after the decision is taken I must face it with magnanimity, courage, gratitude, and sincerity in the spirit to learn fully from life. It is at times like this that ancient wisdom’s advice was so meaningful, and it became a valuable lesson for me. The short sentence turned out to be very broad and deep.

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