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Risks and Consequences ~ Wednesday Shadow

I am sure we all understand that every choice, decision, and action we take has its own risks and consequences. Risks and consequences are our shadows which can then affect the weather around us. A shadow that can turn into a storm or vice versa can weather the storm.

Realizing that, I always consider every decision I will make based on the principles that make up my life’s compass, and of course with all its various possible risks and consequences. It may be that a decision ends as expected but many decisions and actions that turn out to be bitter fruit or even drag us into a storm even though we consider that decision as good and right before.

Referring to the inheritance of ancient Javanese, the advice of my ancestors which, if translated more or less says that in our lives we must “always remember, always be aware, awake, be alert and ready”, then whatever happens after the decision is taken I must face it with magnanimity, courage, gratitude, and sincerity in the spirit to learn fully from life. It is at times like this that ancient wisdom’s advice was so meaningful, and it became a valuable lesson for me. The short sentence turned out to be very broad and deep.

  • Have you ever enjoyed or admired a storm?

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  1. While at work in a training programme we had this session called PRODEM – Problem analysis and decision making.

    Shocked really to see the steps one needs to take before coming to a decision What seemingly thought was cake walk after that exercise gets one in a quandary and finally the decision one takes is never what was initially planned.

    I used this method before putting in my resignation (lol)

      • I resigned years ago. I was with a multi national having gone up the ladder the last being in the middle management cadre. I just wanted to do something different and that is give more time for myself. In the process I realised I could use my passion for gardening in a lucrative way and started a business designing and executing landscaped gardens. I gave it up as we had plans to shift to a semi rural setting where I designed my dream home.
        I could also fulfil yet another passion and that is to travel

        I now give my time for reaching out.

  2. Life can be risky and as you say actions have consequences.. Love is a good road to take, but then we must check and think very carefully about what we do
    I would say, go with your gut because your instincts are usually right.
    Well, works for me, but then to be honest
    Not every time..but mostly…

  3. I only love storms on weekends or the holidays. I simply adore the rain along with thunder and lightening. I see it as a mating ritual between heaven and earth.
    I have great respect for your philosophical culture.
    A great share brother Albert.

  4. Are risks ever really necessary?

    Does God take risks with the World, if not, why should we?

    It is said that it is a risk to love, but this is not really so, you only take risks by not loving.

    Love is an insurance policy of God’s for you, and whenever you do the most loving thing, there is no risk, nor any risk of bad consequences, for following love, leads to truth, not ever to anything else. There is no risk of that.

    • Great angle! Basically, I totally agree with you if we talk about the essence of love in oneness, but given that we live in duality, to learn something, then realizing risk and consequences is a way to learn from something.

      If we treat sick people, maybe we can get it. If I help someone who is considered an enemy, I also have the risk of being considered an enemy too. It is simply about risk and consequences, and not about good or bad, for it is entirely a matter of the paradigm of people in duality.

      If I have to work to make a living, I will be tired but if I do not want to be tired and therefore do not want to work then I will starve.

  5. Our life is a single risk, dear Albert … but then it depends on each individual how much he is willing to take the risk … I personally have never taken too much of a risk … I am more safe …. well I don’t know what it would be like take a chance …. we say if you were a man, you wouldn’t be a poor man

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