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Not A Ghost ~ Wednesday Shadow

My country is a mystical country. Consisting of thirty-four provinces with thousands of islands in the vast region between the continents of Asia and Australia, most of the people believe in the supernatural. Indeed, such a thing also exists in many countries and cultures, but all of it is very strong and thick here.

In today’s modern era, with technology that has been very advanced, where most people have used all components of modernity, magic, occultism, and the mystical world still has its own place. There are many regions in various provinces where the residents there are very famous for their magical abilities. Various magical abilities that can be used for various purposes such as war, killing remotely in various ways and effects, witchcraft, alluring and even binding feelings of the opposite sex, making people sleep with certain spells carried out by thieves, making the body impervious to firearms or weapons sharp, communicating with supernatural beings, married to the genie for wealth, etc.

The one that is perhaps the most popular to dates, such as Leak or Leyak and esoteric knowledge of pangleyakan, is still very fertile in Bali. While almost every island there are types and kinds of other magical powers that can be very terrible. Many people bear witness to the horrors of an inter-tribal war in the 90s on a large island here, where a tribe of migrants was slaughtered by the indigenous tribes for some reason, all – infants to old age. Even the soldiers of our armed forces, in general, are equipped with various magical powers.

Ghost? Devil? Demons? Their story is so rich here. So many types of them with various names that have been seen by people here. Even videos about the appearance of supernatural beings, being possessed – both single and mass – or anything else which comes from the cellphone cameras of social media users is quickly spreading widely here.

Indeed, not everyone can see magical things, only people with certain talents and sensitivity – including my mother and some of her children, my wife, and my daughter – can see these astral beings or people who have learned knowledge that can open his inner eyes. Some friends from abroad who previously did not believe in such things had been “introduced” for a moment with the ability to see the magical dimension until they screamed in fear before that ability is revoked again.

At the highest level, followers of mysticism or Sufism or in other names, both from certain major religions and local beliefs such as Kejawen (Old Javanese Science), etc. scattered in various circles of society. They are people who have come to the understanding or awareness of the quiddity of life even though many of them hide in the crowd.

That’s the people of my country, a mystical society in the midst of modern civilization. What about the people in your country and culture?

  • Question /

    Have you seen ghosts or demons?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do you have the desire or curiosity to see such things?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. The supernatural is all around us , we need eyes to see and the spiritual strength to resists those beings. No, I am not interested in seeing evil powers but I do believe that I will see God face to face One day.

  2. In the current country I’m residing, witchcraft is so common. There are regions in Tanzania if you steal something then you’re going to experience crazy things.
    There was a time one or my students was possessed by demons. She would roll on the ground till I decided to take her to my local church together with a few students. The demons were cast out and they have never bothered her again.

  3. I was a voracious reader of ghost stories when I was still at school. We used those stories to frighten each other specially when cousins came for a sleep over.

    I have never seen any ghosts and nor do I believein them. If they do exist then I wonder why scientists do not spend time over them.

    Who does your wife encounter?

    • Here we are different, I would rather see ghosts than read or watch ghost stories, horror, and the like… Hahaha…

      You don’t have to believe if you don’t want to believe it, and that’s better. It’s far better to believe that we ourselves are actually supernatural beings as well.

      My wife has had encounters with various astral creatures, and for sure 80% she’s scared! Beyond that, she can watch what & who other people are like watching TV when she meeting or hearing someone’s voice.

  4. I have no experience with these ghosts and supernatural beings so I find it hard to believe, dear Albert … but I watched TV shows like that and I don’t know what to say …. there is probably something about it

      • I watch a lot of National Geographic, I have quite a few of them on the Discovey Channel, History Channel, and I could still list … and on one of those I watched ghosts and how they were being expelled … but I was interested in something – I was looking at how they were healing you rious diseases … if that were true we would have species and be the richest people in the world

    • I think so too, the problem is, not everyone has courage. My wife and my eldest daughter still often feel scared even though seeing things like that are often and that’s different from my mother who was never afraid of such things.

      It takes a lot of energy to look bravely. Are you ready if someday you see them?

    • You could say that, Ellie. There are many extreme poles here that contradict each other, black magic and white magic, common sense vs. occult, normal vs. paranormal, good vs. evil, physics and metaphysics, religion vs. polytheism, etc. which is essentially an eternal war between the two poles but complement each other at the same time.

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