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Rich Soul ~ Silhouette Saturday

Without the need to look up, I can see the beauty of the sky, dark clouds that move over the tips of pine leaves. From a reflection, the silhouette of pine leaves look so simple under the splendor of the sky. Even so, both of them also illustrate the majesty of the universe and life. Really, I was fascinated to see that.

I immediately thought of people, or friends, or anyone who was always grateful and enjoyed life in simplicity. We all know that in the midst of modern and sophisticated civilization today,  living in simplicity with full sincerity without being tempted by a various worldly sheen that’s so tempting is really not easy, both those who have or who don’t. They are happy because they enjoy what they have, not because they feel compelled to accept the situation. I am sure, in this community, there are many friends who have that such magnanimity.

You and those who enjoy simplicity with joy are happy, peaceful people who live their lives as they are, without complaining, without burdening the mind with anxiety over what they don’t have. They enjoy all tastes; sweet, bitter, salty, sour and tasteless, as is, in the same way, as is reasonable, appropriately. Really, I admire them, rich souls, who feel well off in simplicity.

  • Do you know anyone with such a rich soul? Or even yourself?

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  1. “To be content is great gain!”
    I think we have a lot, in where we live and I wanted to have some garden chairs and a table. After sorting through things, I found 2 chairs in the rubbish bin that sit in-between a small coffee table than can also be used as a garden kneeler.

    I found a chair with a yellow cover and a large spider came out it soon left and the cover went in the rubbish bin and I have various metal chairs. Some are by the porch with a small table in-between. I found the table thrown out on the street and now it is another garden coffee table.

    It is not much to some but to me, because it is not in mint condition, thieves don’t want them, they will take some richer pickings.

  2. I don’t know how to comment on this, dear Albert … you know me well and you know that I am a humble person who does not complain about life and I am delighted by the little things … I am humble and will remain so … to enjoy as much as my life allows … or my soul is rich but no i don’t know myself

  3. We opted out of city life and shifted to a semi rural setting where I spend most of my time with nature.

    I have a small Trust that reaches out to the needy

    All this not without first indulging in material pleasures??

  4. It is becoming increasingly difficult to meet a person who would enjoy a simple life. Most of them strive for material goods or luxury. They do not realize that in the end it usually only brings dissatisfaction.