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Under the Papaya Leaves ~ Silhouette Saturday

This is the last picture of papaya trees – and some other pictures- that are on the vacant land next to my house. Since about two months ago, the land had been built into a house.

With the existence of the house, I don’t need to finance people to cut the grass there because my wife is always worried about snakes. She was also happy because, with the existence of the house, her worries about the occurrence of landslides on our house were much reduced because it was the house that was now right on the edge of a cliff. For my wife, that scary dark side has gone!

I have no problem with all that except a little that I can no longer take pictures of what is above that area. When I writing this, I remembered Carol who had written something similar, that the land nearby had been built into the housing. Well, the world really keeps changing, right?

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    • The choice is ours, you are right! Even though what should be chosen most of the time is not what we expect, but that is the dynamics of life, and that’s the way to reap wisdom if we consider it important, as you too!

  1. Auckland has a “Unitarium plan” which means more housing, more apartments and less free land…Like Carol some of those lovely open spaces will go into houses and what was one house and garden will go into apartments.
    I know where we live is part of that plan, and sadly it is when not if.

    More people and more houses. What the planners don’t know is that it will become like ghettos in europe and create more social problems …and stress Especially for people on low incomes.

    • Geez! That’s similar to the situation around me right now! When I moved almost six years ago, I had moved from the city center to the suburb in the hope of having more refreshing green space and more far from noise, but soon, only about a hundred meters in front of my house will be built a new Outer Ring Road as the pre-existing connector.

      Since the plan was discovered by the developers, they have bought up land and have built housing and apartments to the close point where I live now. I sometimes think, then, what’s the point of me moving here a few years ago? And yes, many people are affected by land acquisition, unable to buy new land to build houses at the cost of replacements that have been received, and a number of other problems, especially with those on low incomes.

  2. If you feel more secure now, this is welcome, dear friend ….. our laws have been tightened very much with regard to construction and interference with nature….i would always live there in fear of encountering a snake or even climb into the house …. i would have metal mesh on all windows or always have windows and doors closed

  3. We have empty land next to our house overgrown with vegetation, every few months I spend so much on getting the land cleaned up. I am so annoyed that the association doesn’t enforce the rules for the land owner to keep his land clean. I may have to keep doing that for years to come I guess.

  4. Well, in this case it seems this is a good thing. I too have seen a big change in our neighborhood. El Salto Falls, a sacred waterfall named by our natives has now 500 new houses new houses, and a new bridge across the creek. They fenced in the waterfall so no one can see it now.

  5. My wife has the same fear of snakes. It is hard to move past at times.

    The essence of change is an adaptation. Not that we have to, we can sink instead of into the sea of memory and only see what was once there.

    • I don’t know why my wife is so afraid of snakes, she even gets “locked up” just because she sees the picture on social media.

      I agree with you about adaptation, that’s the key to adjusting to change.

      • as an IT person I always tell people “change is the one constant” it doesn’t help! The fear of snakes is one I don’t understand. I always stop and let snakes cross the path in front of me without disturbing them.

        They, snakes bring so much good with them!