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Under the Papaya Leaves ~ Silhouette Saturday

This is the last picture of papaya trees – and some other pictures- that are on the vacant land next to my house. Since about two months ago, the land had been built into a house.

With the existence of the house, I don’t need to finance people to cut the grass there because my wife is always worried about snakes. She was also happy because, with the existence of the house, her worries about the occurrence of landslides on our house were much reduced because it was the house that was now right on the edge of a cliff. For my wife, that scary dark side has gone!

I have no problem with all that except a little that I can no longer take pictures of what is above that area. When I writing this, I remembered Carol who had written something similar, that the land nearby had been built into the housing. Well, the world really keeps changing, right?

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