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Silhouettes Saturday Critters

I don’t always participate in challenges, but when I do, I like combining a few of them. (This is a reference to the old meme called “The Most Interesting Man in the World”; I am trying to be funny today.)

To me, one of the best critters is the cat, and Caturday (pun intended) is the right day to share a cat picture. This particular cat is resting by the fishermen boats waiting for an evening treat. I am a bit of a sunset snob because I prefer the ones with colorful clouds, but these bright ones are great for silhouette pictures.

  • Question /

    Did you know that a cat can jump nearly six times its body length?

    • Yes
    • No
    • What’s your source for this fact?
  • Question /

    Did you know that 70% of your cat’s life is spent asleep?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Again, what’s the source??
  • Question /

    Did you know that unlike humans, cats are usually lefties? Studies indicate that their left paw is typically their dominant paw.

    • Yes
    • No
    • What studies???


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  1. I like cats but they kill our precious bird life and in the future some people will be made to force their cats to live indoors or in an outside cage, they kill a lot of birds in one night and are a menace to our bird life ecology.

    I cant hate cats but you cant train them not to kill birds.

        • Thank you for the links! Cats are hunters by nature. I also dislike it when home cats that are regularly fed hunt birds, etc.However, there are many cases in which birds breed in a dangerously high speed – like sparrows, pigeons, seagulls, there was even a recent case of overpopulation of parrots in Spain that intitially started as pet birds. Also “small mammals” does not carry much information. I don’t know about the USA, but here people put traps for mice, rats, etc., so again cats help keeping pests under control (including even snakes, insects, etc.) But yes, overpopulation of cats can be dangerous, as well as overpopulation of people is.

          • sadly there total number of birds in just the US over the past 20 years is down by 3 billion.

            Birds are and I wish they were, suffering overpopulation. I haven’t seen the numbers of Europe but Asia is also down overall for the last 20 years.

        • Sadly, people create even much more damage than any other animal could do, including by irresponsibly taking care of/releasing their pets. The monk parakeet problem in Spain stunned me particularly, because these birds’ price can reach 500 usd here in Bulgaria.

          • It has become a huge issue. Sadly feral and domestic cats are the number one global killer of birds.

            It is a really bad problem. I know, if our dogs ran around the neighborhood they would kill many squirrels and rabbits. But where we live there are leash laws for dogs and, that means dogs never are unattended.

            There is no leash law for cats. It doesn’t feel fair to me.

        • Imagining a cat on a leash made me laugh. There’s a difference between dogs which are domesticated, and cats which have never been fully domesticated.

          Also, data like which kinds of birds are usually killed by cats, are they endangered species, what areas (rural, city, etc.), and why are birds and cats in these areas, etc. I know the importance of birds and their diversity, but these cat statistics sound a bit biased to me. Like, humans’s overpopulation, overconsumption and massive industries are okay, cats are the real harm for the environment. There’s some conspiracy here. 😁

          • i would love it, if that were true. One of the links talks about the impact of climate change (number 3 on their list of killers). But cats are number 1.

            these really aren’t biased they are scientific studies. I think the time has come for responsible pet ownership.

            Plus no one is saying cats impact anything other than bird populations, the number of domestic and domestic feral cats has rised by an almost 10 to one rate in the last 40 years.

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