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Review of extended life batteries.

The link is to my Yesterday’s Weather time-lapse weather video feed.One of the things I carry with me in my bag is an extended life battery. I have three in my bag currently. One is small (easily fits in a shirt pocket during meetings) the other is a little bigger, but it is also solar powered. That means I can change it, and my phone while I am outside.  Over the years I’ve tried several extended batteries, I’ve settled on the two I have. Based on that, I thought I would share my long used system for picking batteries. Please, note, not everyone needs an extended life battery.

1. Does the extended lie battery get hot? Hot means it ultimately can’t be in a pocket!

2. Can it change more than one thing at a time?

3. Will, it changes my phone to 100% at least once.

It is a simple system, but it has worked for me. There were many trips to Southeast Asia not having the battery would have been, well bad! I had to arrive with a fairly full phone battery to make sure I had car service, taxi, or ride into the city. Then I needed my pheon so I could download my email and get caught up. Twenty-four hours in a place or 28 hours in an airport makes you disconnected!

The growing potential of wireless charging will reduce the need for batteries over time.

**public service notice**Be wary of “free charging” and “Free internet” services. Make sure you know who put the station where it is. Often that is a trap!

**end PSA ***

To those who served in the armed services of the world, thank you for your service.

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  1. I use a powerbank to charge my phone especially if I have to do it at night. Convenient for me so I need not get up to unplug the phone.

    Just a question? Would it be real bad if I leave my phone plugged for several hours AFTER it reach full charging capacity?

    • It depends on the phone. If, when you leave it charging it is very hot, then yes it is bad to overcharge.

      if it doesn’t get very hot, then there is little damage to overcharging other than making the LiOn battery last a bit less.

  2. The picture is wonderful, dear friend …. here also sell some chargers of electricity … I did not read the sploh because I do not care … if I do not paint a lot of my battery lasts 3 days, this is completely enough for me

    • I was digging around in my Chicago photos, Thomas inspired me!

      I agree the reality of wireless power is interesting. Wireless charging (you don’t have to plug the phone is) is here.

      But freely flowing power, that would be so cool!!!!

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