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Really simple fried rice

I remember reading a post from Alex about their fried rice, when I was cooking this really simple fried rice, I thought of sharing it as well.

The ingredients for this really simple fried rice are only rice and eggs. I fried the scrambled eggs first. Then I fried the rice and mixed two eggs into the rice. I like the rice to look like “yellowish or golden rice”. That’s it. I didn’t even add any seasonings. Sometimes my kids might add sesame salt or soy sauce, sometimes they just eat it plain.

When I am quite lazy or just want to make simple food, this is what I cook. My kids actually don’t like many other vegetables added in the fried rice, so this is usually what they prefer too. Sometimes I also add some vegetables into it depending what I have in the fridge.


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  1. we pre-heat the wok and add a little sesame oil on the bottom.
    add the chicken (usually) and then the veggies.
    Then add the rice, let it cook for a few minutes.
    Then add a little soy sauce and the eggs.

    serve hot, or reheat for lunch later!

    • Spring onions make the fried rice even tastier! But I don’t usually buy spring onions. I always wanted to grow them in my garden, but I always forgot to do so. I used to have them in my garden, and it’s so nice to have some spring onions on most of the food. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your recipe!

    • Yes, I like to add some vegetables in fried rice to make my kids eat them too, but I can’t add too much, otherwise they won’t like to eat them. 😛

      Is rice your staple food? I have read that eating rice might not be good for health, and I am planning to cut down my intake of rice too, though it’s the staple food in my country.

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