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Really simple fried rice

I remember reading a post from Alex about their fried rice, when I was cooking this really simple fried rice, I thought of sharing it as well.

The ingredients for this really simple fried rice are only rice and eggs. I fried the scrambled eggs first. Then I fried the rice and mixed two eggs into the rice. I like the rice to look like “yellowish or golden rice”. That’s it. I didn’t even add any seasonings. Sometimes my kids might add sesame salt or soy sauce, sometimes they just eat it plain.

When I am quite lazy or just want to make simple food, this is what I cook. My kids actually don’t like many other vegetables added in the fried rice, so this is usually what they prefer too. Sometimes I also add some vegetables into it depending what I have in the fridge.


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  1. we pre-heat the wok and add a little sesame oil on the bottom.
    add the chicken (usually) and then the veggies.
    Then add the rice, let it cook for a few minutes.
    Then add a little soy sauce and the eggs.

    serve hot, or reheat for lunch later!

    • Thanks for sharing your recipe. Do you usually use sesame oil for fried rice or other food as well? I don’t usually use sesame oil for fried rice, but I will give it a try, as I like sesame oil. I would add chicken if I have them in my fridge too. 🙂

    • Spring onions make the fried rice even tastier! But I don’t usually buy spring onions. I always wanted to grow them in my garden, but I always forgot to do so. I used to have them in my garden, and it’s so nice to have some spring onions on most of the food. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your recipe!

      • You are welcome, we also grown onions on pots but not enough for our cooking needs, we use onions in almost all recipes such as soups, scrambled eggs, salads and many more.

  2. I used to add as many veggies as possible to get my boys to eat them. I hardly make it these days, I have stopped eating rice and hubs hates fried rice.

    • Yes, I like to add some vegetables in fried rice to make my kids eat them too, but I can’t add too much, otherwise they won’t like to eat them. 😛

      Is rice your staple food? I have read that eating rice might not be good for health, and I am planning to cut down my intake of rice too, though it’s the staple food in my country.