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Making 96 steamed buns

I have been practicing to make the Chinese steamed buns because we had to prepare the snacks for my eldest son’s class yesterday. We can make 12 steamed buns for one set of recipe, and I thought there were only 15 kids, so it should be more than enough if we make 4 sets, which is 48 steamed buns. It turned out that there were parents and siblings joining in the class, as it’s the last class of the year, hence we had to prepare more.

We ended up making 96 steamed buns. My eldest son was making them together with me, and my youngest son hasn’t wake up when we were busy making the buns and hence he didn’t disturb us. I was glad that all the steamed buns were finished even though I didn’t think they were really nice especially when they were cold. This is the first time I prepared so much food for others. I really appreciate the others’ support in eating them. This was really encouraging.


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    • Thanks! My kids always like to make different shapes with the dough.

      I only cooked for my own family, just simple meals. I am not good at cooking at all. 😛

      • I guess it must be fun making buns with your kids and they get to be creative too!!

        I’m sure your kids enjoy the meals you cooked!! 🙂

  1. When we have to feed guests we always make something special and happy that I get an opportunity to try my culinary skills

    Your buns look unique

    • I believe you are good at cooking. As for me, we usually bring the guests out for lunch or dinner, as I am not good at cooking at all. I only cook for my own family, as my kids are not too picky or they can’t be picky (or else they might not get food). 😀

      My kids like to make different shapes with the dough. :p