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Photographing skills

I’ve been photographing everything around and people for half of my life. I look at them, watch the shadows fall on their faces, the light reflected in their eyes, the trees behind their back and wait for the sun to pass through the clouds. To make the photo interesting.

One thing will always be new: the relationship with the person. To shoot a photo takes only a fraction of a second. Human history up to it – a lifetime. And when you feel it, every shot turns into an adventure.

With your eyes, you discover thousands of wonderful things every day. You want to keep them to yourself so they would no disappear; you want to show others –  that they would feel happy.

Sometimes you succeed, and sometimes only good wishes and the saying “how nice it was there but you can’t see it in the photo” remains.

© Fortune, 2009

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Written by Fortune


  1. I find my own skills to be bad. The rise of digital cameras allows me to take 1000s of pictures where once I took 5.

    I get good pictures, but only by brute force.