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Photos taken by camera or phone

Suddenly a thought came that phones will ruin even the best photographer: they teach him to be lazy because everyone now can take great photos effortlessly.

And editing those phone photos is a job for lazy people – drizzling on the couch, sipping coffee, scratching the screen with a finger, and creating a masterpiece after masterpiece.

Seriously, I don’t know what to think. Similarly, a bodybuilder would probably feel if he grew his muscles just by watching sports and eating chips. Where have the challenges gone?

I think, the biggest challenge right now is to have your own style. When everyone can take a good photo, you should take an interesting photo.

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  • Do you use a phone or camera for shooting your photos?

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  1. this is a debate I’ve had here on Virily many times in the past.

    The reality is this – first cameras are designed to be held and used pointed away from the person.
    Phones are not.

    The value of a DSLR or an SLR is the viewfinder. That forces the eye to the subject.

    Professional photographers continue to use cameras.

    Now, how many pictures exist because more people have cameras in their phones?


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