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Photobombing – Black And White Friday the 17th

I don’t know if it’s a proper photo-bombing, because it was involuntary.

It doesn’t matter, as I wanted to talk of something else.


I thought everyone considered Friday the 17th to be a day of bad luck.

I needed to make a quick research and the results were: Italians, Italians, Italians.

Fine. It looks like Friday the 17th is only unlucky for the Italians.


Wikipedia says this belief comes from the Roman way of writing the number, XVII, which is the anagram of VIXI, often found in the epitaphs on the tombs of dead people, and it means “I lived”, and this links the number 17 to death.


Another theory where the Romans are involved is the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, where the Germans annihilated three of the legions of General Varus, during the Empire of Augustus. These legions were exactly the 17th, 18th and 19th. These numbers ended up having a bad reputation because of this loss.


The Greeks come with a funny explanation why 17 is bad.

The Pythagoreans simply despised the seventeen because it divided the two numbers that could be both the perimeter and area of the same quadrangle. These two numbers were, of course, 16 and 18.

If a square has the side length of 4, the perimeter is 4+4+4+4=16 and the area is 4×4=16.

If a rectangle has the height of 3 and the length of 6, or vice versa, the perimeter is 3+3+6+6=18 and the area is 3×6=18.

Thankfully this was easy math.


The number 17 is also linked to the Great Flood of the Old Testament. The flood took place on the 17th day of the 2nd month, and it ended on the 17th day of the 7th month.


The fear of the number 17 is called eptacaidecaphobia.

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  1. I didn’t know that. 17 is a prime number …. but, anyway, I lived where the baseball team had a badge they gave out if the game went into extra innings, it was a night game, the team won, and you stayed. The ballpark was famous for being really cold and windy at night. Anyway, the badge said VENI VIDI VIXI. I made it my profile thing on YouTube. I like the VIXI – it has become my comment on the time I spent living in SF.

    • Alibb told me about 4, interesting to know it also affects Japan for the same reason. I think Friday the 13th is seen as unlucky about everywhere, but I don’t know what country started the phenomenon. 😄

          • Yes, I actually got the same ones from yesterday again…!!! 😐 I got them when my comments were reported and now again when they got removed… It is something that I noticed is happening every time and shouldn’t… I wrote about it to the admin before and was said that all reported comments are going through the check and then only the bad ones removed, but i don’t understand the same notifs again…! No one is answering me about this for the 5th time!!!!! 😐

            There was a situation before when it looked like they were doubled but I was said explained why they weren’t, but this I don’t understand… I could understand if all the virils were given back previously to the final deletion but that could be answered and explained and not keeping quiet which makes me assume they are hiding about this not wanting to say it is their fault…! 😐

        • Hopefully it is only the notifications and virils aren’t deducted twice, but it’s hard to tell because the page with the ‘latest viril transactions’ doesn’t seem to work (on profile, virils, view all points).

          • I hope so too, but they could have told me that… 😐 Hmmmm, mine is working… Also the Ranks too… But it’s hard to tell anyway because I can’t track every point all the time, everything happens at the same time, it’s hard to tell….. 😐

  2. I pity Friday… it seems to be the most unlucky day :p
    I guess unlucky numbers differs with culture… the Chinese dislike 4 because its pronunciation sounds similar to “die”… So we don’t have level 4 (and sometimes 13) in some buildings, especially hotels.

    • Hehehe, yes, each culture has its own superstitions. Good to know about the Chinese and the number 4. I know the Chinese language has many words that sound alike, for example Mom and Horse, if I remember right. 😄
      4 and Die is creepy though. 😨 13 has become international instead. 😎

    • I see. 😃 I was born on Sunday, but consider Tuesday to be my lucky day because of my zodiac sign. Well, I feel Tuesday closer because not many things are available to be done on Sundays anyway. 😄
      Here the 13th is becoming more popular as unlucky among the younger generations, because of the movies, I suppose.

    • It’s about the first day of weekend, I don’t get the hate either. 😄
      Well, it seems to have a bad reputation among Christians because Jesus died on a Friday. Many Christians still avoid eating meat on Fridays, some even fast.

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