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People do not change suddenly…

People do not change suddenly. A cute kid does not turn into a thief overnight, and your dream spouse doesn’t become a thick sloth.

The small things form us like a river forms its shores – by tiny waves and raging streams, by a crumb daily.

I am also the water of a thousand rivers.

And you are, and everyone is.

Let’s flow so that all the shores would be sandy.

© Fortune, 2009

  • People are shaped by life till death, agree?

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Written by Fortune


  1. And sometimes the change comes quickly.

    Your life can have something that changes everything in a matter of minutes. Your character can change when extreme circumstances force you to deal with things you are not ready for and don’t understand.

    I realize this is the exception to the rule. Because I watched it and live it I had to mention it.

    99.9% you are correct.