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I wish you to live TODAY.

Everyone wants to know. To know where they are going and what they will find when they go.

Want to plan the life ten years ahead and have a foundation under your feet. At least, concrete. Everyone wants to lie. To lie that knows what wants. Even more, wants to believe that lie. How to know what you want from life if you have not experienced it even by five percent?

Simple. To know is much easier than to experience. Experience requires action, and for the knowing, often enough illusions. The illusion that you are a serious person who successfully and purposefully creates a life for yourself.

When I was 23, I thought it was too late. It seemed to me to start something new is to stop, to stagnate, to lose time. I was in a hurry to live in. So I chose to stay in place, thinking it was safer, that I would save time. That’s right, it was the age of my stagnation. It seemed the whole era. I felt very bad because it is human nature to move. To grow and change. Otherwise, everything goes awry and if we choose to ignore it, the consequences are always, without exception, painful. Tied hands always hurt and feet hurt when we go the opposite way.

Today, for me, it’s not too late for anything. Never in my life, I have felt having so much time for new things. I have already written that I have changed profession. I think today,  I matured for one more new project that I dived into.

I do not know if what I am doing now will accompany me for the next ten years, I do not know whether I will continue along the same path. I don’t even know which corner of the world I will be in a year from now. But I do not need to know because I am where I feel happy today because I want it TODAY.

We are mistaken when we try to calculate and weigh life. We cannot do that. We can’t. And, either you live today or you are not. Very often, when we get stuck in our comfortable discomfort, we dare not even turn in the opposite direction and even lie to ourselves that we cannot do otherwise.

Anything is possible if we allow ourselves to be able to.I wish you to live today.I wish you could dare, even if you feel not courageous.

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  1. we need to think about the future, to make practical and sustainable decisions about how to live our lives to ensure that we have many more todays in which we might be alive for