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Our Dreams ~ Black & White Friday

Seeing people who sleep soundly becomes my own special pleasure, for example seeing my wife, my two daughters, or anyone, even my cats. I was very happy to see the peace they had gotten from sleep, and maybe the dreams they entered.

Dream, who will believe that it is actually a useful tool for teaching us to see ourselves in an impartial and impersonal way? Who can accept if it is said that dreams are a means of transformation, which opens the invisible door to a more subtle level of spiritual growth, arouses those who long for our truth and wisdom, witness or permanent soul in our conscious self?

Who is able to understand that basically there is no difference between wakefulness and dreams, except that one seems more stable than the other?

Maybe it can only be realized by those who have met their true self, their higher self, that the awakened world itself is actually a long dream produced from a mental disposition, which awakens the awareness that what appears to be a solid body with its various sufferings is actually merely an illusion.

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    Do you often dream?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do you usually remember your dreams?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Have you ever experienced an extraordinary dream?

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  1. I used to dream a lot, and remember more my dreams.

    I would record a lot of them, but not really take much notice of their possible meanings, as nothing much in the form of experience seems to teach me much at all.

    I am curious, think, oh yes, that’s true, but then it goes out the window of my brain, and I seldom utilise anything to grow myself. I stay the same, and cannot get past this stuckness.

    What we ignore, usually recedes slowly away from us, as it has done with me, over the years. I dream less, nowadays, and remember fewer dreams.

    Life was created as an experience of God’s, and we could say that God largely dreamed life into existence. It came into existence then, and the dream roles/abilities of God spilled into creation, so they can dream too.

    Dreams serve the purpose of love, when you see love, in your own purpose.

    Without such a purpose, nothing sticks to you, and you go on without purpose, stuck in yourself as an empty shell, rather than a growing seedpod, cracked open by love, now allowing it to grow forth, forwards as you.

    That’s where I am at, both with dreams and with life right now.

  2. Users voted 14 times.
    Q: Do you often dream?

    Yes (12 votes) – 86%
    No (2 votes) – 14%

    Q: Do you usually remember your dreams?

    Yes (7 votes) – 50%
    No (7 votes) – 50%

    Q: Have you ever experienced an extraordinary dream?

    Yes (13 votes) – 93%
    No (1 votes) – 7%

  3. Few of my dreams are somehow premonitory, but it’s hard to tell before the event occurs, making them quite useless. ?
    Generally, dreams are like good conversations we have with ourselves. They remind us of our fears, desires, ambitions. I pay a lot of attention to my dreams, and look for meaning, definitely.

  4. My friend dreams a lot only these dreams sometimes do not have a tail or a head …. sometimes I dream, but I can not remember the dream … just fleeting … everything seems to me sometimes stupid

  5. I want to dream of Dustin so bad it hurts. I only see him as a child if I dream at all. And he is running away from me. Very strange. I have read about what to do to dream about certain people, nothing works. Frustrating.

  6. Also my late husband’s sister in law was asked by him to put a bar on the back of the bike so I could go along. She told me she told him she did not know how to do it on that type of bike. She told me she felt danger for me, and had to lie, and that saved my life. I thought about going. What a scare! She knows how to put bars on motorcycles, but on that day she claimed she did not know how.

  7. I dream especially of warnings. Once I dreamed I was spinning on a fogged filled road, and someone grabbed by leg, and said I got you now. I was to ride with my husband on a motorcycle run. I felt I had a warning DO Not Go. I stayed home, but my husband died on that run. I do not dream often, but when I do I listen to its meaning behind it

    • Indeed, dreams are often an astral journey without any limits, space, time, or even dimensions. Your dream seems to be a journey through time with various signs that have certain meanings.

      It is a kind of “routine” traveling because it takes place during sleep that is different from similar processes or events carried out through meditation.

  8. I was interested in dream analysis because there was a time that I dream often…
    and usually wake up having this lingering bad feeling …

    I guess dreams tell us about our fears or current situation that we perhaps failed to realise (or just avoid) irl…

    • Your opinion that there is a dream that has a big impact is very interesting, Sharon. I am curious about that.
      Indeed, it often takes a trigger to be able to recall a dream, unless you are very willing to remember all the dreams that make you determined to wake up every time you finish dreaming by doing affirmations before going to bed.

  9. I rarely dream or maybe I do not remember them. But lately as I get older my sleep patterns have changed and I often wake up during the night for no reason it seems. But that is a fact of aging… But your analysis is perfectly sound…

    • Both possibilities can occur, either because someone rarely dreams or indeed don’t remember at all.

      Well, indeed age can greatly affect sleep patterns, I also feel that, dear friend.

      Wow! Not many people think what I write makes sense… You are one of the few!

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