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On the Publishing Drafts issue…


I have been sitting out of the “what’s changed” with Virily lately. Partly because I don’t like the nasty comments that come with those posts at times; the other reason being that I am still learning.  As Ghostwriter pointed out, the source of information is critical. I don’t post about the issues and new and exciting new features until I have time to test them.  Recently there are a couple of issues that popped up that I found interesting. So, I did just a small amount of testing to see in fact if it was me or the site having the issue. As a long time computer helpdesk person, I always start with the assumption that the problem is on my side first. That way I don’t have to backtrack if I find out later it isn’t the site itself.

First of all, publishing from drafts. It is an issue that I noticed and began to think about how does that problem manifest itself.  I noticed that when I connected to Virily with Chrome, I was unable to publish a draft. Chrome and Google have changed a couple of security settings in the release they made in April to remove Google + as an option. Those changes, for Chrome, appear to be in how JScript loads. I tried Opera and had no issue publishing drafts. That made me wonder, so, I went back, and disabled add-ins for Chrome. Chrome worked publishing drafts if you want to try that on your computer.

1. Chrome works without add-ins loading, so not sure which add in it is but one doesn’t like Virily.

2. Edge works publishing drafts, but I don’t have any add-ins loaded in the edge.

3. Opera works publishing from drafts

4. Mozilla works publishing from drafts.

5. Safari worked with add-ins loaded.

Now, there is one more issue in this that has to be considered. However, note two verified users were also unable to publish from drafts.  Now, most of us have add-ins and extensions loaded in our browsers. I am not saying that there isn’t a better way. I am simply pointing that by removing all extensions in Chrome, I was able to get a draft to publish (this blog in fact).Just a preliminary post, I will continue to test when I have time.

  • Do you have more than one browser on your computer?

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  • Are there additional browsers (other than the bitcoin browser) that I should test?

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  • Do you like solving your own problems?

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  1. As a reader, the problem I have is that I cannot tweet your posts unless I open it in chrome. I read your posts via the links published either in your timeline or BIB, whichever I happen to catch on my newsfeed and notif.

  2. I never publish from a draft. I may save as a draft, just to be able to preview what I am working on, but I go back to the original and post. I am not one to save drafts to publish later. I like to get it all done, in case something happens to that draft. And Safari is the only browser I use.

  3. by the by, the number one issue most people have is variables on their computer!

    Test Machines
    MacOS (current) with the latest version of Safari.
    Windows 10 computer with the latest versions of the browsers used.

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