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On negativity, and a tech recap

I am shedding negativity. It feels really good! I don’t read or interact with authors that focus on negativity anymore. Why? In part, because they aren’t going to change. In part because I am getting rid of negativity.

Technology post catches up:

  • We are, based on my post of the weekend, three days into fermentation of my first batch of beer. I doubt our first attempt is going to be epic. Beer making is a craft, and it takes time to learn. My expectations for this first batch have been lowered on purpose. A good friend of mine brews beer, and it has become a part-time job for him (there are several restaurants that buy his beer now). He always says beer making is slow and steady work.
  • McAfee Software protection, I’ve been running it for the past few months. Overall it works very well as a virus and malware protection system.
  • The first couple of 3d prints have gone well with the Snapmaker. We switched to the laser engraving attachment last weekend. We are going to try laser engraving this weekend.
  • Fing home internet security is a very useful tool. They now send you a monthly internet review. It gives you your average upload, download, and connections. Very useful report from a device that allows you to block devices connecting to your home, and from within your home connecting out
  • Technologies I am watching right now:
    • Voice translation – I use my Travis frequently; it allows me to keep my phone free for other activities. You can’t talk, translate, and take pictures if you only have google translate.
    • Pico projectors, there are a couple of crowdfunding projects in this space that is interesting. Nebula and Touchpond are the two projectors I use now. We shall see if that changes.
    • Jabra continues to impress with their noise canceling headsets. I had a call the other night and ended up taking the call while walking my dog. No one on the call knew I was outside walking while talking on the call!

Overall technology continues to expand. The fun reality of IoE and the impending launch of widely available 5g network services is interesting. The new craze for some reason in the concept of foldable phones. I thought flip phones had well joined the dinosaurs. Can you image 1000 years from now, someone digging an archaeological dig in what is now a dump, then will be an underground area that used to be where ancient humans live. “Look,” the explorer says “they used to have folding communication devices that you held in your hand.” Foldable is interesting, but I am waiting for the first truly integrated earpiece that is your phone, and headset. That is the future I am waiting for!

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Written by DocAndersen

I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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    • Many years ago my grandfather got access to a computer. He learned to send emails. I was working in IT managing a mail system so I would respond to his emails in short order.

      My mom only had email at home. She responded a day or so after it was sent.

      My grandfather called me at home one evening worried. Mom hadn’t responded to his email. I had to explain to him the reality of my job versus mom’s job and access to a computer.

      Now that isn’t the case, but that still makes me laugh!

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