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Nature Tuesday -Will the climate change?

In Romania, temperate climate is becoming more and more a memory. Violent storms, floods,  droughts and even tornadoes have became normality lately. The canicular days alternate with devastating storms like the one in Targoviste today.

I posted a video recorded during that storm  in the previous post. I come now with these pictures taken from my window during the storm. The storm broke out almost out of the blue. In just a few minutes the sky became black, and the visibility diminished. It was scary!

I’m sharing this photo with Nature Tuesday Challenge

  • Are there also climate changes in your area?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. Climate change is impacting the world. I suspect in the next few years the shift will continue to get worse.

    260 million people will lose their homes to rising oceans in the next 10 years.
    Three nations may disappear forever (they are low island nations).

  2. Unfortunately, extreme weather phenomena have become more and more frequent in our country as well as in many other parts of the world, and we can only expect them to be even worse in the following years. I think we have reached a critical point in which drastic measures need to be taken for the protection of the environment.

  3. Yes climate change is in full effect here in Canada also. It ranges from heavy rains, unebelievable heavy snow storms, tornadoes even in the Outaouais area where I reside. I have lived here in the Outaouais valley for 64 years and I have never witnessed a tornado until last year where it caused havoc in the surrounding areas of the city where I reside. There have been an increased of floods also over the past three or four years. Also last year on the 1st of July it was a whopping 40 degrees Centigrades with a humidex factor of 50 degrees. We broke the all time heat record last year. Climate change is almost scary even though the earth is still turning…

  4. It is the nature of weather and the planet is a living planet, so yes, it is continually changing and has been since is was created by a big bang, a higher power or aliens (lol). Did they cover all the choices?

  5. Yes, we have been experiencing climate change in New Zealand for many years. Now there is less water in the dams as there is less rain and an increased humidity and temperatures in the summer…for Auckland. More droughts, and the sea is rising, causing flooding in coastal areas.

    Sunburn however is really bad and we have the message to put on suncream and cover up. As there is an ozone hole over New Zealand and Australia, that means the protective earth layer is gone and that people get cancer from the sun if they are over exposed…

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