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Friday Night Scare- a Stranger at My Door

Note: This story renders an event I experienced in the summer of 2017 Always Keep Your Front Doors Locked! If I had forgotten to lock my...

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Language Learning Fun- Expressing Preferences

It has been about ten months since I have been using the language learning platform Duolingo almost every day to study Spanish, and in...

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A Life Without Mistakes- an Impossible Ideal?

One of the very few positive aspects of spending most of my time at home during this unfortunate year is the fact that I...

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A Forest Hike- a Great Therapy for the Soul

After several long months of limited movement within my town and so many hours spent indoors, it's finally time to get out and change the background for...

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Nature Memories: In the Shadow of a Big Tree

During the current state of lockdown which is going to last until May 15th in my country, I obviously can’t go out and enjoy...

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