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My Positive Virily Experience

Dawn has started a new challenge. If you missed it here is her link:   My Positive Virily Experience 

I decided to take her up on her challenge. She suggested listing only one thing or person per post. In doing that, we can have more positive posts on the site. Write as many positive posts as you want. Great idea!

This one is hard as I have many. I will start with feeling I can share my nature photos with you all, and most of you appreciate and look forward to seeing them. It brings much joy when I read your positive comments and positive compliments. 

And especially when you ask questions and ask for more of the same posts. What a compliment. Makes my experience here beyond positive.

Anyone else have something positive to share?

Shared my Fluffy bird feeder with you all again. Smile! 

Photo ©CarolDM

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Written by Carol DM

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    • I am not sure, I have shared it many times. Also, I did not mention any name sin this post, so hopefully I will not be in the disgusting part of the site. 🙂 Thanks Kim, you are huge part of my positive experience here.

      • How odd, oh well. Glad I got to see it is really cute and fits you perfectly. There are really too many to mention and I know you feel the same. That could take a while, to mention names. Two weeks later, you’re through writing the 500 page post. lol. Thank you, and yes, you are part of my family! 🙂

  1. A wonderful and cheerful post for us all, thank you so much. Carol, our Internet is so erratic and slow, It takes forever to just to process data input. I typed this paragraph without seeing a single word until it comes back on again, so, I won’t be taking part in any challenges, this time.
    At this moment in our lives, we are called on to not only care for others but to also be gentle with ourselves. “Anxiety and fear,“ are physiological processes that cavort and careen through our minds and make us miserable. They always subside, only to return again; they will arrive uninvited for as long as we live. So don’t be hard on yourself when you can’t shut yourself off from fear and pain — your own and the worlds. Fear isn’t fun, but it signals that we are all just human.

  2. Living a happy life means building positive habits that help you focus on what really matters. On small feelings and actions without price, but with high emotional value. I’ll be in tomorrow if I have the opportunity.

  3. That is one cute bird feeder. What you said about positive comments is true,They really make you feel good. I enjoy the pictures that you share especially sunsets and sunrises from your porch.
    Thanks for joining the challenge.

  4. I just love that cute bird feeder… I do not think I will join this challenge as my photographic skills are nil… But you on the other keep up the good work as you bring POSITIVE experiences to everyone and all here on virily….

    • You are very kind. This is a favorite of mine, thanks. Doesn’t hold a lot of bird seed but makes me smile. You can join without photos. Just share a positive experience if you like. Good to see you by the way. Take care.


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