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Another New Challenge – My Positive Virily Experience

Oh no not a another new challenge!! Is that what you are thinking?  Well look at it this way, challenges could help you in many ways.

Here is a list of how challenges could help –

Develop new skills. Ileana’s macro challenge here could be instrumental to inspire some people here to learn to do macro photography.

Come out of your comfort Zone – I know someone here who doesn’t like black and white pictures but still edits pictures to post them in challenges.

Get over the writers block  – on some days you just don’t know what to write and challenges could help you through those.

Learn skills for life –  Ellie925 ‘s Happy list  challenge helps you focus on positive living.

Bring brightness and freshness to what we write – Kim”s color challenge.

I have a challenge today for you – to build this community. This challenge is asking to write about your positive experiences here on Virily, .It’s true Virily has problems,  so many things don’t work here, but I am tired of reading more on that subject, let’s talk about what works here.

The rules –

Write about one thing ( doesn’t have to be a big thing) you like on Virily ( this way we can have more posts)

Tell us how this one thing has helped you grow in someway.

You could talk about people too if you like to.

But let’s just be positive

Let’s call it  # My Positive Virily Experience.  Use it as a your tag and try to use it in the content as well. This could get Virily a number of positive views in the long run I guess.

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    Do you think this will help create a positive image of Virily to the outside world?

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What do you think?

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