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Inside the mind of innovators

· Desire to innovate

· The vision of what is possible

· Willingness to fail

Innovators aren’t different than other people. They often are other people. But they are different than everyone else. They are the person who is hit the edge of the curb at a drive-through window spills coffee on themselves and then creates a cup that can’t or won’t spill coffee all over them again. It’s the person who realizes that you can install a solar panel on your roof and reduce your electrical cost.

From a broad perspective they, the innovator, have a desire to innovate. They have a blended vision of what exists but also of what is possible, and in the end, they are willing to fail. From that vantage point of the blended view (what is and what could be) they embark on changing the system and in the end fixing the problem they perceive.

The stairway from what was to what could be is an intriguing path. The first thing, of course, is the reality of innovation. The neat and pristine stair steps shown above aren’t real. The path can at times shoot straight from what was to what could be. At times it does a looping action taking a step forward then a step back as the innovation evolves. Sometimes the initial problem goes away or is altered radically.

If we for a moment return to our theme “inside the mind” the stairway would appear differently to an innovator. They would use what was and is like a capability to be developed so that the problem could be solved and the new solution implemented.

Consider for a moment the evolution of cellular technology. The original CDMA phones were clunky, and the range was limited at best. That changed radically with the introduction of digital calls. The birth and growth of Smart Phones, in particular, the market-dominating Microsoft Pocket PC phone changed the way we used phones initially. The introduction of the game-changing iPhone modified more than simply the cellular market. Applications and music were cheap while hardware became expensive again. That shift ended the market dominance of the Microsoft solution and moved the world to the new Android and iOS market reality.

Steve Job’s once said the reason the iPhone succeeded is that it took something that had been hard and made it simple and elegant. The innovator is the person who sees simple and elegant regardless of the complexity in the world around them.

They are, to quote Mr. Jobs from his famous commercial[1] “The crazy ones.”

[1] Iconic Apple Computer TV commercial “The Crazy Ones”

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  1. Certainly I am one of the recipients of many modern innovations. Yet sometimes I feel that every innovation moves us forward and backward both at the same time. Think for example the innovation of plastic products which now gives us environmental problem. And the innovation of cellphones which now keeps us connected and disconnected. And the innovation of antibiotics which is now posing bigger problem.

  2. Innovators are special people for me … I have the feeling that they are living in another world … and I think that you have to have this innovation in yourself … it can not be learned

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