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Misjudge ~ Wednesday Shadow

The picture above is not a good or beautiful picture as befits people want to take a picture or see a photo indeed. I took the picture only because I was interested in seeing the shape of the shadow that was “different” from the subject that formed it.

If we consider it to be a phenomenon, then it might represent many other phenomena, for example about how we see someone’s appearance and the image we see that is associated with that aspect.

People can judge me as arrogant and don’t want to get along or be choosy just because I’m quiet and awkward, and that often happens. Even in the past, there were some school friends who had challenged me to fight for that reason. Conversely, a person who looks wise may turn out to be a liar. Then, what is the best way to see something or someone in truth?

  • Have you ever misjudged someone else?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Have you ever been fooled by other people’s appearance?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. The reality of those who judge is all around us. I try so hard not to judge or to leap to conclusions. I do not know the pain of your day. But the other side is, of course, true, you don’t know the pain of my day.

    Many find it easier to judge others than deal with their own failings.

  2. All your pictures are very interesting and something special, dear Albert … I usually recognize people quickly … who is a sincere and true friend … well I didn’t make much mistake here

  3. Whoever does not understand and accept the differences between himself and others will always judge! He is always ok, the others are not! To judge is much easier than to understand. I have been misjudged several times!
    Btw. Is it a motorcycle in your picture? I saw something similar on the street today.

  4. I have a good feeling about people. Usually at the first meeting I really appreciate the person. Of course, only in my mind. I only give my opinion when I know the person well. My feeling can be deceiving me too 😊

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