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Make friends with your fears

Life is a series of events, meaningful or not, fun or tragic, boring or inspiring. And we are – going through it. Going b the rhythm of tango or waltz, heavily, responsible, or rhythmic steps. And then there are also our fears that walk close to us. To hide our fears, we wear a bunch of masks all life or go to a psychoanalyst. Or we are hiding from them in all legal and illegal ways; that is, from ourselves too, unfortunately. 

We should not try to hide our fears;  we should step them over like the uncomfortable threshold, or make friends with them – depends on how anyone would succeed or have strength.

One of the most popular fears in the arsenal of mankind is the fear of being ridiculed, named foolish, silly, and especially not in the eyes of self but in the eyes of others. And the fear that everyone will turn away from you with bullying and condemnation – the eternal fear of loneliness and the desire for recognition.

But the sum summarum, is it not the same who and how look at you, what any Jane or Jim is whispering behind your back? Let everybody go to live his life. And when you fell down – get up, pick out the grass from the hair, fix the crown, shake the dust, and move on. Because all of us are just funny, small, lonely creatures, who judge ourselves and others too much, evaluate, and like or not like.

To live “perfect life and make perfect decisions” – it’s easy, you just don’t have to use your right to make mistakes and don’t forget to condemn, judge other lives and forcibly give your advice to others when no one asks for this.

Let’s choose life, non-glamorous, but real – after all, we all fall down, only one is still looking at whether someone has seen his shame, and the other is laughing from himself and the situation. We choose.

© Fortune, 2009

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  1. Funny thing is that often when I used to be ridiculed or put down, I used to think I was the only one. Now I realise there are more people out there than I thought who are often put down by the same type of people that put me down.
    Then I realise their opinions are very expendable……

  2. I try to remember to live with “no fear” because it keeps us from so much experience and sharing but this is not the bold fearless that lacks all caution “no fear”.
    I especially try fight the fears that politicians and corporations use to prey on people. Being manipulated by these causes people to live in the reactionary reptilian parts of their brain which is contrary to inner peace.

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